Introducing JUNA: Scania an sennder’s joint electric trucks venture

  • Scania and sennder’s JUNA venture promotes large-scale adoption of electric trucks.
  • JUNA offers a pay-per-use model, eliminating upfront costs and ensuring commercial predictability.
  • The initiative aims to remove financial barriers, facilitating widespread electric truck adoption in Europe.

Scania and sennder jointly establish JUNA, a groundbreaking venture aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric trucks on a large scale

The collaboration introduces an innovative pay-per-use model, seamlessly merging sennder’s cutting-edge technology with Scania’s premium electric truck offerings. By eliminating upfront costs, residual value concerns, and technology risks, JUNA provides transport companies with unprecedented access to electric truck solutions, heralding a new era of sustainable transportation.

One of the key features of JUNA’s approach is its provision of guaranteed loads on sennder’s digital platform. This is designed to ensure commercial predictability for its customers. JUNA aims to remove financial barriers associated with electric truck adoption. By extension, they will offer a comprehensive package encompassing electric vehicles, repair, maintenance, insurance, and digital services. Through meticulous data analysis, JUNA optimizes electrification strategies and simulates routes, enhancing the efficiency of electric trucks in real-world scenarios.

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Gustaf Sundell, Head of Ventures and New Business at Scania, commented: 

“JUNA is the result of a collaboration between two companies with complementary expertise in the areas of electric vehicles and digital logistics, which will accelerate the transition to electrified heavy transports. Scania is exploring new solutions to find ways of creating value for our customers now and in the future and we are proud to see this project with sennder come to life. We believe it will play an important role in driving the shift to a sustainable transport system.”

The venture has already marked a significant milestone with the successful launch of a pilot project. The inaugural customer, operating an electric truck supplied by JUNA, experienced seamless operations comparable to its diesel counterpart. Charged with renewable energy, the truck demonstrated the potential to reduce an impressive 93 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions annually. With the aim of expanding the project to long-distance routes in 2024, JUNA relies on existing public charging infrastructure. That makes the platform a viable and environmentally responsible choice for the industry.

David Nothacker, CEO of sennder, said:

“This is a pivotal moment for our industry, and we are excited to be partnering with Scania to create a joint venture that will propel the widespread adoption of e-trucks. Given that e-trucks cost two to three times more than diesel trucks and that 70 per cent of all trucks in Europe are owned by small carriers with fewer than 10 trucks, the combination of JUNA’s pay-per-use offering and sennder’s capacity utilisation will effectively remove the barriers to adopting e-trucks.”

Scania and sennder’s JUNA collaboration marks a major step in European road logistics. The pay-per-use model and high-tech electric trucks tackle transport companies’ challenges. JUNA eliminates financial hurdles and ensures predictability with guaranteed loads. This approach could open the door to electric truck adoption for fleets across the continent.

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