GRIDSERVE Secures £500M Green Financing to Drive Charging Expansion

  • GRIDSERVE secures £500M green financing for EV charging expansion, the largest debt raise for a private chargepoint operator.
  • Funding covers GRIDSERVE’s unique Sun-to-Wheel renewable energy offer, including 500 new Electric Super Hubs and 3,000 High Power charge points.
  • Investment signals the market’s confidence in sustainable transport.

GRIDSERVE reveal a groundbreaking achievement, securing over £500 million in green financing

This marks the largest debt raise to date for a privately-owned chargepoint operator. That’s a sure sign of the market’s confidence in sustainable transport.

The financing includes £326 million in committed loans and an additional £200 million for future assets. This encompasses GRIDSERVE’s full Sun-to-Wheel ecosystem, covering EV charging Super Hubs, Electric Forecourts, and related solar and battery projects.

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GRIDSERVE’s ambitious plan is set to introduce over 500 new Electric Super Hubs nationwide. This will come as a massive boost for the UK’s EV charging network. With more than 3,000 new High Power chargepoints featuring class-leading speeds of up to 350kW, drivers can charge their EVs with 100 miles of range in just 5 minutes.

This milestone represents a transformative step towards sustainable transport, instilling confidence in potential EV adopters. Rapid charging at strategically-located Electric Super Hubs will address the critical concern of “range anxiety.”

At the heart of this green financing is GRIDSERVE’s certified “Dark Green” Green Finance Framework.

“To secure the largest debt raise globally for a privately-owned charge point operator is a remarkable endorsement of GRIDSERVE’s electric vehicle charging network, our Sun-to-Wheel strategy, our fantastic team and our future expansion plans. This financing – which was a hugely popular transaction amongst banks, attracting overwhelming market demand – will accelerate our delivery, providing customers further confidence to go electric, and fully charge GRIDSERVE’s mission to move the needle on climate change, precisely at the time when urgent action is so critically required.”

Toddington Harper, Founder and CEO, GRIDSERVE

The future of net zero transport shines brighter with GRIDSERVE’s green financing. More investment means more EVs on the road, and more confidence in the sector. GRIDSERVE’s successful implementation of this historic green financing positions the company to play a significant role in accelerating the electric vehicle revolution in the UK and beyond.

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