Gardaí in Dublin city centre use ebikes to modernise policing 

  • Dublin police are testing ebike patrols in city center for efficient and eco-friendly policing.
  • Ebikes could revolutionize emergency services beyond law enforcement.
  • Similar efforts are seen in cities like LA, enhancing patrolling and community connections.

Meet the latest in sustainable policing: Ebikes

Dublin City Centre Gardaí are breaking the mould with an innovative concept: ebike patrols. These ebikes have been seen in Dublin over the weekend as part of a trial phase, ridden by trained officers to bolster policing efforts.

Why the shift to e-bikes? 

They’re eco-friendly and enable officers to cover more ground efficiently. In bustling areas, they manoeuvre adeptly, proving invaluable. The influx of ebikes and quadricycles we’ve seen employed in last-mile logistics in cities worldwide proves that these EVs are the fastest and least polluting ways of travelling in urban areas. 

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“We fully appreciate the reassurance that high visibility policing provides to the public. This pilot sees a number of different models of e-bikes being used by members of An Garda Síochána over the coming months.

“These new electric bicycles will enhance our visibility particularly in the city centre as part of Operation Citizen. The new e-bike patrols will help us further increase the existing foot, pedal cycle and mobile patrols within the city centre – an area that has a weekly footfall of almost two million people.

Assistant Commissioner for the Dublin Metropolitan Region, Angela Willis

The ebike movement is not confined to police work. These e-bikes could spark a revolution in other domains too. Paramedics, firefighters, and more – could all benefit from these swift EVs during emergencies. 

GreenAer, a bike distributor, plays a pivotal role in this collaboration. This partnership underscores the potential synergy between businesses and law enforcement. As the ebike trial progresses, its success trajectory will come into focus. Should it hit the mark, we might witness an upsurge in ebike policing.

Dublin isn’t the first city to use ebikes in their policing efforts. 

In LA, the police use ebikes for efficient patrolling and connecting with the community. They use 500 regular bikes, and have been using a fleet of ebikes to support their law enforcement over the past few years.

“Officers are still able to get into tight places and crowds, but now they can get there even faster. When a call comes in, an officer can easily adjust the assist level into Turbo and quickly pedal up to 28 mph – that’s comparable with top Tour de France pro rider speeds on flat terrain, and 9 to 10 mph faster than an average rider!”

Claudia Wasko, General Manager, Bosch eBikes Systems Americas

Electric bikes hold the promise of transformation. Beyond law enforcement, they could redefine the manoeuvrability, efficiency, and carbon output of emergency services. That means safer, cleaner cities for all. 

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