Fuuse protects the grid and enables confident electric vehicle (EV) rollout with launch of FuuseEnergy suite

Electric vehicle (EV) charge point management experts Fuuse, have announced the launch of a full suite of energy products in the UK to enable organisations to confidently install and manage EV charging infrastructure, whilst balancing the impact on their site’s energy supply and overall grid demand.

FuuseEnergy is a new suite, complementing the core Fuuse charge point management platform, allowing businesses to effectively monitor and manage their EV charging infrastructure, pre- and post-installation. This launch comes 10 months after the charging software innovators acquired energy management consultancy Envisij, from which many of the latest tools have been developed.  

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Gary Highton, Fuuse Head of Energy, said: “FuuseEnergy is a set of energy solutions for EV charging sites.  It provides the link between your EVs, buildings and the energy grid. With increasingly limited electrical capacity in local and on-site grids, there is a greater need to optimise how energy is used. 

“As EV adoption accelerates, we have released a unique arsenal of tools to help inform site infrastructure and provide more control over how energy is distributed across your sites. We’re enabling organisations to plan, monitor and react to energy consumption and demand.”

Amongst the latest tools being launched, Fuuse EnergyMap offers organisations a comprehensive audit of energy usage, to inform infrastructure decisions. Using half-hourly metered consumption data, businesses can now understand site baseline demand and the forecasted effect EV charging will place on that demand.  Organisations will have a clear view of their capacity needs when chargers are in operation and make informed decisions to request efficient DNO upgrades where necessary.

Fuuse Energy Monitoring is a cloud-based enterprise monitoring solution with options to observe real-time energy usage across a site. Integrating with the Fuuse core platform, Energy Monitoring enables the efficient deployment of Fuuse’s Multi Level Dynamic Load Balancing to protect sites from capacity spikes and prevent contracted capacity tariff penalties, whilst maximising power to EV chargers as needed.

Tom Arapura, Head of Product Strategy at Fuuse, said: “At Fuuse we’re using technology and innovative software to continually break down barriers for organisations to make the switch to EVs. Our latest suite, FuuseEnergy, empowers businesses to make educated decisions about their electrical infrastructure.

We’re putting control back in the hands of organisations when it comes to the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of energy usage at their sites.   

“We want customers to transition positively and efficiently, with the information they need to ensure they are not blindsided by any unexpected costs or unconsidered energy constraints.  FuuseEnergy is a real game changer for enterprise organisations looking to make a smooth transition to a more sustainable future.”

Amongst the early adopters piloting Fuuse’s new Energy products is Islington County Council. Seeking to electrify their fleet of vehicles, Islington are preparing to install EV chargers across multiple sites. Fuuse EnergyMap has provided Islington with the insights to show how they can best optimise their contracted capacity, for a more efficient infrastructure plan, and make significant savings on contracted capacity costs.

Back In January, Fuuse, along with innovators in energy and EV charger manufacturing, were granted almost £200,000 to develop an end-to-end V2X (vehicle-to-everything) DC microgrid solution for fleets. The project seeks to provide support for the National Grid as EV uptake continues to accelerate putting rising pressures on energy demand.

The project, already underway, explores the efficient distribution of energy between EV batteries and other site components such as buildings, other vehicles, or local generation sources such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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