For ŠKODA’s 125th anniversary the brand has re-imagines design icons for a makeover project that includes an all-electric camper

ŠKODA’s design team has unveiled images of a new project that aims to give the brand’s most iconic models a dramatic makeover. As part of SKODA’s 125th anniversary celebrations, a group of designers from across the brand have re-imagined classic models and repurposed them for the modern era. This includes their first-ever production car, the Voiturette A, along with updates of the 1959 ŠKODA Felicia, the sporty Popular Monte Carlo and 130RS coupe models and the 1203 camper.

It’s the 1203 camper that has had one of the most dramatic makeovers and the 21st century version features an electric drivetrain that allows for even greater space inside. It has a pop-up roof and all the practical touches that ŠKODA has become synonymous with.

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The new version is brainchild of ŠKODA interface designer Daniel Hájek. The 1203 formed the backbone of Czech industry through the 1970s, becoming the default choice for trade, governments and the emergency services. Production ran from 1968 until the late 1990s. In terms of exterior design, the 1203 Camper features a number of touches that combine old with new.

Daniel Hájek, ŠKODA interface designer, said:

“I thought long and hard about how to reference the original’s round lights without them being too retro. That’s why there’s just a hint of some curves here, but otherwise the light signature is new and bold.”

Although ŠKODA has no specific plans to develop any of the designs created as part of the icon project, the brand’s design team continues to seek inspiration from the past, the present and future environments. Hopefully, the sleek looking 1203 camper van with its zero-emission electric power train will turn enough heads to become a reality.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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