Fisker and Foxconn announce new Fisker PEAR electric vehicle (EV) will be produced in Ohio, USA

Electric vehicle (EV) producer Fisker, who recently launched its Fisker Ocean electric sports utility vehicle (SUV), has confirmed that it will produce its second vehicle, the Fisker PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), at a factory that Foxconn, who produce the AppleiPhone, has acquired in Ohio.

Both the Fisker and Foxconn teams will work together on the new car and expect to build a minimum of 250,000 Fisker PEAR units a year at the plant, after a ramp-up. The new Fisker PEAR is expected to enter production in 2024.

Henrik Fisker, Fisker CEO, said: “The PEAR will be a revolutionary electric vehicle that won’t fit into any existing segment. The exterior design will feature new lighting technology and a wraparound front windscreen inspired by a glider plane glass canopy, enhancing frontal vision.” 

The Fisker PEAR follows the company’s first vehicle, the Fisker Ocean electric sports utility vehicle, which starts production in Austria this November. Fisker has designed and engineered the vehicle to reduce parts for rapid, simplified manufacturing. 

The Fisker PEAR will be built on a new architecture and the platform will underpin two additional models that Fisker will introduce at a later date.

The PEAR will have an expected base price below $29,900 before incentives when it’s launched in 2024. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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