Ferrari amps up for electrification with new cutting-edge ‘e-facility’ 

  • Ferrari unveils cutting-edge ‘e-facility’ in Maranello, Italy, signalling a bold leap into electrification.
  • Grand opening of the e-building set for June 21, amplifying anticipation for Ferrari’s electrified future.
  • Tradition merges with innovation as Ferrari accelerates towards a sustainable and electrifying tomorrow.

Ferrari shifts focus to electric 

Ferrari is revving up with a sleek new assembly facility, dubbed the ‘e-facility’, in its Maranello home base in northern Italy. This move, announced by the CEO, gears Ferrari for a surge in electrified car production in the near future.

The e-building’s grand opening is slated for June 21, as disclosed by Ferrari Chief Executive, Benedetto Vigna, at the company’s annual general meeting.

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Ferrari Chief Executive, Benedetto Vigna, continued;

“This state of the art plant will assure us of flexibility and technical capacity in excess of our needs for years to come. Here, we will handcraft the dedicated electric axles and batteries that will power future Ferraris.”

Renowned worldwide for its powerful, high-performance petrol engines, the company has been offering hybrid-electric vehicles since 2019 and has committed to delivering its inaugural fully-electric vehicle by the close of next year.

As Ferrari paves the way for electrification with its cutting-edge ‘e-facility’, the roar of its legacy merges with the whisper of innovation. Brace for a new era where tradition meets transformation, as Ferrari accelerates towards a sustainable and electrifying tomorrow.

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