EO Charging boasts uptime of over 99.5% on its fleet charging management system

  • EO Charging, the smart charging specialists behind the EO Cloud charging management system, are pushing the solution for expansion, in their latest update.
  • EO Cloud allows remote operation of a business’s EV fleet and charging infrastructure, ensuring that vehicles are charged when needed, and at a lower price.
  • The company has already signed up some big players to the system, including Uber, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and DHL.

How does EO Cloud work?

EO Cloud’s system is compatible with any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) chargers, a standardised communication standard that allows chargers to work with charging management systems such as EO Cloud. The impressive system uptime north of 99.5% is achieved through an offline mode, which allows charging sites to continue operating even with the lack of a connection. The software also allows organisations to sell their charging infrastructure out to other businesses out of operation hours, helping further reap the savings of switching to all-electric fleets. Solutions such as these will be crucial for businesses to adjust, ahead of the ban on new fossil fuel-powered vans in 2035 in particular.

EO Charging isn’t the only UK fleet charging company eyeing up expansion to more partners, however: Just last week, Ayrshire bus operator Shuttle Buses announced a collaboration with VEV for assistance in putting the infrastructure in place to convert its 50-large bus fleet over to electric models.

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Charlie Jardine, CEO and Founder of EO Charging, commented:

“A key issue which fleets often face is the aging electrical infrastructure, and upgrading the infrastructure alone is often time consuming and expensive. We further provide our clients with a customizable depot map, which gives you the ability to monitor and overview the state of charge of your vehicles.”

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