Electric Miles and National Grid join forces to spearhead energy flexibility

  • Electric Miles and National Grid partner to enhance energy flexibility for EV owners.
  • EV owners can use the Electric Miles app to contribute to grid stability and earn rewards.

New partnership gives UK EV drivers a chance to earn rewards alongside unmatched energy flexibility

Electric Miles and National Grid have partnered over an initiative that will redefine energy flexibility for UK EV drivers. This partnership aims to integrate EVs into the very heart of energy management.

Electric Miles have joined a strategic commercial venture with National Grid. They aim to leverage an extensive network of domestic EV chargers to tackle peak energy demand during the upcoming winter season. This collaboration will play a pivotal role in ensuring the stability of the energy system.

Commencing from November 1st, 2023, all Electric Miles’ strategically positioned EV smart charging assets will become key energy flexibility players. Through a user-friendly app, EV owners will now have the ability to efficiently manage their charging costs. This means they can prioritise the use of green energy, and actively contribute to grid stability. All of this while earning rewards for their valuable participation.

“We’re thrilled to partner with aggregators like Electric Miles, with the aim of increasing UK household participation in distribution-level flexibility to reduce peak network demand.”

Helen Sawdon, National Grid’s Flexibility Commercial Lead

“Working with National Grid is a vital step towards achieving the UK’s green energy vision. The SmartFlex solution empowers EV drivers, charge point operators, and the grid itself. Users of the Electric Miles app play a pivotal role in EVs’ contribution to grid stability.”

Arun Anand, Founder & CEO of Electric Miles 

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Electric Miles has already surpassed expectations in National Grid’s distribution area by matching over ten times the number of chargers initially anticipated. This substantial increase in charger matching significantly enhances their participation in energy flexibility. Electric Miles envisions an ambitious future that includes expansion into home solar, batteries, heating systems, and other grid-supportive distributed energy resources.

This collaboration between Electric Miles and National Grid represents a leap forward for a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape. Offering EV owners not only a seamless charging experience but also a chance to actively contribute to the stability and sustainability of the grid.

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