Econ Engineering’s new all-electric gritter truck maximises the versatility of emobility.

  • Econ Engineering introduces a new all-electric gritter truck with demountable body options, offering flexibility for various fleet roles.
  • The Electric Quick Change Body (E-QCB) system enables quick body transitions in 15 minutes.
  • The FE Electric gritter truck, built on the Volvo FE Electric 4×2 chassis, showcases the versatility of electric vehicle technology.

Econ Engineering and Volvo Trucks collaborate on an all-electric gritter truck

Econ Engineering, a Yorkshire-based company renowned for winter maintenance vehicle solutions, has unveiled a new all-electric gritter truck.

The FE Electric gritter truck is capable of switching between fleet roles thanks to its demountable body options. Its flexibility stems from the Electric Quick Change Body (E-QCB) system. Developed by Econ, the system allows body transitions in just 15 minutes with hydraulic rams controlled by a single operator. 

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The FE Electric gritter truck harmonises cutting-edge driver assists to optimise the working vehicle’s usability. With reduced vibrations, a two-speed gearbox, and an innovative traction control system, all housed on a Volvo powertrain, the FE is a showcase of practicality for its drivers.

The gritter EV is the flagship prototype for the ‘Econ Zero’ range, built on the Volvo FE Electric 4×2 chassis. Volvo’s FE Electric chassis is a customisable EV truck base, and Econ’s deployment of the technology proves its versatility. 

Equipped with four batteries, the FE Electric chassis can reach a range of up to 250km. The truck is capable of recharging in just 2.3 hours with a 150 kW DC charger. Charging is intelligently managed, safeguarding battery cells by gradually slowing down as it nears 80% capacity, akin to smartphone charging techniques.

We’re seeing more and more customisable EV designs, especially in the truck sector. The flexibility of these bodies is a surefire sign of the future of sustainable trucks. Econ’s development of the model into an electric gritter is a fitting example of how these readily adaptable units can be deployed to fulfil every function of a classic diesel truck. 

Christian Coolsaet, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, said: 

“Every part of the transport sector needs to have its sights set on achieving net zero, and gritting and snowploughing is no exception. The team at Econ has developed an exceptional new product with our FE Electric chassis at its heart; this is going to allow gritter fleets to reap the benefits of operating cleaner, quieter and more efficient trucks.”

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