Compleo’s eTower 200 HPC takes to the UK 

  • German innovation takes centre stage as Compleo introduces the groundbreaking eTower 200 HPC in the UK.
  • Boasting a peak output of 200 kW and efficiency over 96%, the eTower 200 revolutionises charging with modular power distribution and simultaneous high-speed charging for two vehicles.
  • With dynamic power distribution, an innovative Wire Hub for streamlined installation, and grid support for stability, the eTower 200 sets new standards in user-friendly, space-efficient charging.

Revolutionising EV charging: Compleo unveils eTower 200 HPC in the UK 

Yesterday, Compleo debuted its eTower 200 HPC at the iconic Vinyl Studios in Soho, London. Formerly a vibrant Austin garage in the 1960s, this distinctive venue hosted industry players, providing a captivating setting for the unveiling of the state-of-the-art EV charger – a game-changer poised to accelerate the UK’s path to zero-emissions.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the eTower 200 establishes groundbreaking standards in HPC technology, surpassing norms in efficiency, grid compatibility, and user-friendly installation for a seamless driver experience.

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The eTower 200 boasts a peak output of 200 kW, efficiency surpassing 96%, and a sleek compact design. It features modular power distribution, an iconic lighting concept, and a “Single Point of Service” approach, ensuring effortless installation, operation, and user-friendly experience. With the capability for simultaneous high-speed charging of two vehicles, it establishes a new benchmark in charging infrastructure.

The eTower 200’s modular technology facilitates rapid charging by dynamically distributing power across seven independent modules. Each module delivers up to 920 volts and 72 amps, ensuring swift charging for electric vehicles. Standby power consumption is minimised through the shutdown of power modules in standby mode.

Moreover, the eTower 200 offers the flexibility to be placed directly in front of walls, optimising space usage. This widens the scope of possible locations and enhances installation flexibility. With its low height, the eTower accommodates areas with restricted ceiling height, like multi-storey car parks, making it ideal for challenging spaces where both space and height are critical. Additionally, the innovative Wire Hub simplifies installation by securely holding all supply lines, reducing installation effort and costs.

Unveiling the Exceptional Features of the eTower 200

  • Compact and User-Friendly: Redefines space utilisation, installation flexibility, and maintenance ease with a “Single Point of Service” concept.
  • Efficient Power Distribution: Dynamically adjusts to charging demands, optimising performance.
  • Innovative Wire Hub: Streamlines installation, lowers costs, and ensures secure supply line management.
  • Grid Support: The Active Frontend stabilises grid voltage, enhancing grid stability during rapid DC fast charging expansion.

As we propel into the era of sustainable mobility, the eTower 200 stands tall as a beacon of innovation. Engineered to exceed the demanding standards of Charge Point Operators, it not only promises optimal profitability, but embodies adaptability to the ever-evolving EV landscape. Its redundancy system ensures seamless operation, boosting reliability and customer satisfaction. The eTower 200 ignites a new chapter in EV charging, driving us towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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