Chery and B-ON launch joint venture to accelerate electric van adoption in the Europe and North America

  • Chery and B-ON team up to launch electric vans in Europe and North America.
  • Their joint venture introduces the Pelkan, offering impressive payload capacity and battery options.
  • Chery’s investment and engineering support boost B-ON’s capabilities, while DHL remains a key client.

Chery and B-ON take on the electric van market in Europe and North America as a joint entity

Chery and B-ON have forged a groundbreaking partnership to roll out electric vans across Europe and North America. The collaboration leverages Chery’s financial backing and manufacturing prowess alongside B-ON’s market access. Their joint venture promises a game-changing addition to the electric vehicle landscape.

Scheduled for mid-2024, the inaugural product of this partnership is the Pelkan electric van. With a payload capacity reaching up to 1,350 kg, it meets commercial demands across the board. The Pelkan comes in two battery options: 43 and 54 kilowatt-hours. These batteries offer impressive ranges of 226 to 279 kilometers, ensuring versatility for different use cases. Catch up with ElectricDrives’ first-look Pelkan review here.

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Chery’s investment injects vital capital into Luxembourg-based B-ON, fueling the joint venture’s growth ambitions. Additionally, Chery’s engineering expertise enhances B-ON’s technical capabilities, paving the way for innovative solutions in electric vehicle manufacturing.

B-ON has been producing electric vans through partnerships with manufacturers in Germany and California. However, to ramp up production in both Europe and the United States, B-ON seeks additional working capital.

The collaboration between Chery and B-ON signifies a significant step forward in the electrification of commercial vehicles. With the Pelkan leading the charge, businesses can expect a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution to their transportation needs. This partnership embodies the spirit of innovation and cooperation needed to drive sustainable mobility forward.

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