announces 2000th electric vehicle (EV) public charging point in UK, the UK’s leading provider of on-street charge points, has installed its 2000th lamppost electric vehicle (EV) charger in the UK. The milestone was reached in Southwark to bolster its network across 11 local authorities in London, Coventry, Leicester and Buckinghamshire. This is good news for electric vehicle drivers in Southwark who don’t have a private driveway and need to use on-street charging. has stepped up its rate of installation to meet the needs of motorists seeking on-street charge points, installing 500 charge points in the last four weeks. As a British-owned and operated company is committed to meeting the needs of British motorists who don’t have at-home charging options. 

- Advertisement -’s growing network of charge points is rapidly addressing EV motorists’ frustrations at the lack of accessible charge points while helping accelerate the UK’s transition to clean mobility.

Richard Stobart,’s founder and CEO, said: “Our ambition is to deliver the most reliable near-home charging service at the lowest cost to both drivers and councils. We believe our approach is a solution to what we call the Driveway Divide.”

Driveway Divide is the barrier that over 6.6 million UK homes face because they lack off-street parking and cannot charge at home. The UK government forecasts that around 30% of the 10 million EVs expected in 2030 will need on-street charging meaning that as many as 490,000 on-street chargers will be required.

“As EV sales continue to boom, the pace of installation of EV charge points needs to accelerate too. The installation of our 2000th public charge point – 500 of them in just four weeks – shows the vital role that lamppost charging can play in rapidly scaling up the UK’s EV charging infrastructure.” makes its own charge points, the software they run on and has a growing team of in-field technicians. This unique integrated operating model enables to fund and maintain local EV charging networks that generate revenue which councils can reinvest in other local services. is designed to offer a good value, easy-to-use service for urban, suburban and even rural EV owners in villages who lack off-street parking. In December 2022, introduced its Night Saver tariff to provide more EV drivers with access to cheaper off-peak electricity rates.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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