Calling all UK businesses, this is your chance to get involved with a groundbreaking EV charging trial

  • UK businesses invited to participate in a pioneering EV charging trial led by Hangar 19, DriveElectric, and CrowdCharge.
  • Participants receive free bidirectional EV chargers enabling Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Trial funded by DESNZ, beginning September 2024, aims to leverage EVs as decentralised power sources to support net-zero goals.

Businesses across the UK are invited to participate in a huge upcoming EV charging trial, centred around V2G technology in the workplace

Businesses across the UK are being called to aid innovation with a trial of next-generation EV technology. Led by Hangar 19 in collaboration with DriveElectric and CrowdCharge, this workplace charging initiative will pioneer Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities.

Participants in the ‘V2VNY project’ will receive a complimentary 7kW AC bidirectional EV charger, valued at over £5,750. This cutting-edge technology enables EVs to charge during off-peak hours when electricity costs are lowest. Then, drivers can discharge power back into the grid or buildings during peak times, slashing carbon emissions and energy expenses. 

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This is one of the first trials to feature the latest generation of EVs with Vehicle-to-Load technology. Check out Dr Euan McTurk’s fantastic analysis of V2X tech to learn more.

Mike Potter, CEO of CrowdCharge and DriveElectric, commented: 

“The UK has a huge and largely untapped battery storage capability in the form of over one million electric vehicles that spend most of their time parked up. Using this resource can help reduce the load on electricity networks at peak times, as well as lowering costs and carbon. This project will trial how the latest EVs can be used as mini power plants to benefit businesses, electricity operators and the country as a whole.”

The trial commences in September 2024 and concludes in March 2025. It’ll be funded by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), and delivered through Innovate-UK’s V2X Innovation Programme. It forms part of a broader £65 million Flexibility Innovation Programme aimed at pioneering solutions to achieve net-zero emissions.

Partnerships with Grid Beyond, Oxfordshire County Council, Electric Corby, and JLR bolster the project’s impact. JLR will provide prototype EVs for the trial. Interested companies are urged to apply promptly, as remaining spots are limited. 

Now’s your chance to get in at the ground level with this fantastic, grid-saving technology which could redefine the way we charge going forward. Check your eligibility here. 

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