Bollinger Motors launch new Deliver-E electric van

Bollinger Motors have released pictures of their latest electric delivery van, aptly named the Deliver-E, which is currently at the concept level. It’s good news for delivery companies who will need to convert to zero emission vehicles in coming years, especially in big cities where zero emission polices are already starting to be implemented.

This is the third electric vehicle to come from the U.S. brand who disclosed details of their rugged looking Bollinger B1 electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) and Bollinger B2 electric pick-up back in 2018. These have yet to reach the production stage, though.

The new Deliver-E electric van is front wheel drive with a low load floor height of 46cm and will offer variable wheelbases to accommodate multiple load configurations with scalability to a variety of vehicle classes, including Class 2B, Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5. According to Bollinger, it will use a strong steel frame design with a 10-year durability target.

Bollinger also claim that the total cost of ownership within each of the classes will be significantly lower than diesel and gas equivalents on the road today. Production is expected to start in 2022.

CEO of Bollinger Motors, Robert Bollinger, said: “We took our extensive Class 3 electrification knowledge and applied it to the delivery sector. Our Deliver-E van gives commercial fleets the power to go green and save on ownership costs, while neighborhoods will benefit from a reduction in air and noise pollution.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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