Andersen EV introduces the A3 home charge point, with exclusive design from CALLUM Designs

  • Andersen EV introduces A3 EV charge point with a concealed cable.
  • Collaboration with CALLUM Designs adds luxury with special-edition fascia.
  • Advanced tech includes solar capabilities, updated interface, and intelligent lighting.

Andersen EV debuts the cutting-edge A3 designer EV charge point.

Anderson EV unveils the new A3. Despite being 20% smaller than the A2, it packs a punch with several state-of-the-art features. 

At the heart of the A3’s appeal is its compact yet powerful build. A standout feature is its cable concealment, allowing the charging cable to be neatly tucked away within the unit.

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David Martell, CEO, Andersen EV, ​​commented:

“The new A3 offers something entirely new in the domestic charge point sector, thanks to its compact proportions, premium-grade minimalist aesthetics and advanced technologies. We’ve launched the new charge point following the success of the A2 unit in the UK and to continue to show that technology can be complemented with outstanding design.”

Collaborating with CALLUM Designs, Andersen EV brings a touch of luxury to the A3 with a special-edition fascia. Crafted with textured wood and intricate patterns, the fascia adds character to the charging unit. It’s not often home chargers are real feature pieces. 

Martell continued:

“It’s been a great experience to work with CALLUM Designs on the launch of the new ‘Andersen by CALLUM’ fascia, and our shared ethos of design-led luxury will see us bring further innovative collaborations to market.”

CALLUM has recently made waves with its eVITA project, showcasing how innovative design can propel emobility to new levels. 

Ian Callum CBE, Director of Design at CALLUM Designs, added: 

“As a design-led, British brand, CALLUM has a natural alignment with Andersen EV. We share the value that a functional product can also be beautiful and meaningful to the owner. The team has enjoyed creating the first of our bespoke fascias and looks forward to seeing them on the homes of Andersen EV customers.”

But it’s not just about looks; the A3 showcases some advanced charging technology. Equipped with solar capabilities, users can now integrate power from their solar panels into their charging. An updated user interface, intuitive LED status indicators, and intelligent lighting features further enhance the user experience.

Despite its premium features, the A3 remains accessible, with prices starting at £995. With options for 7kW charging and cable lengths of up to 5.5m, the A3 offers flexibility to suit different needs and preferences.

Backed by endorsements from industry giants such as Porsche GB and JLR, the A3 is poised to make a significant impact in the EV charging market. It goes to show that charge points can be unique, functional and efficient.

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