Allye’s Recycled EV Battery Solution could make Diesel Generators Redundant

  • Elbow Beach Capital invests £900k in Allye, revolutionizing grid edge energy storage with recycled EV batteries.
  • Allye’s Max system bridges the gap between stationary and mobile power, reducing CO2 emissions and replacing diesel generators.
  • Allye aims to deploy 10,000 Max units by 2030, creating a greener future with recycled EV batteries.

Introducing the Max, the Mobile Recycled EV Battery Energy Storage System

After raising £900k funding, Allye, a battery technology company, is giving a new purpose to used electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Allye’s groundbreaking approach involves recycling EV batteries to create innovative systems for grid edge energy storage. 

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Grid edge refers to the various technologies and systems that are located near users instead of being centralised. That includes EV chargers and heat pumps. 

Allye’s flagship product, the Max, is a mobile energy storage system boasting a 300kWh capacity. By combining battery storage technology with intelligent software, it effectively bridges the gap between stationary battery energy storage systems and mobile power solutions.

The Max tackles the environmentally detrimental impact of off-grid temporary power solutions, such as diesel generators. These generators devour 18,000 litres of fuel annually and spew over 45 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. 

Allye aims to deploy an impressive fleet of 10,000 Max units by 2030, followed by a steady annual installation of 5,000 units. 

However, the true marvel of the Max lies in its contribution to the circular economy by repurposing healthy EV batteries. This transformative practice significantly reduces the lifecycle CO2 impact of energy storage systems, often by as much as 60%. 

Remarkably, the production of a small 75kWh EV battery pack emits over seven tons of CO2, making it a primary source of embedded emissions in typical EV production. Recognising this critical issue, Allye has been diligently developing cutting-edge diagnostic techniques to accurately assess the remaining useful life of these batteries. 

The implications of Allye’s EV battery recycling solution are far-reaching. By harnessing the potential of repurposed batteries, the Max represents a significant shift in the energy storage landscape. This approach not only mitigates waste but also reduces CO2 emissions, forging a path towards a greener and more sustainable future.

“Allye’s innovative technology and the exceptional team behind the company align perfectly with our investment thesis. We are excited to support Allye on their journey as they tackle multiple pain points simultaneously and unlock the vast potential of energy storage solutions.”

Nick Charman, Chairman, Elbow Beach Capital

The potential for these recycled EV batteries is endless. From festivals to construction sites, anywhere you see a diesel generator, it can be replaced with former EV batteries.

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