Airbnb now offers over 850,000 rentals with electric vehicle (EV) chargers

Global host community, Airbnb, is leading the charge to meet the needs of today’s modern traveller with over 850,000 listings now featuring an electric vehicle (EV) charger as an amenity.

Last year, Airbnb made 150 upgrades to its service including an electric vehicle charging filter. Millions of people can now take more frequent trips, longer trips, travel to more locations and even live anywhere with their electric vehicles on Airbnb.

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The number of searches by guests for electric vehicle chargers doubled between June and December of last year, totalling over half a million unique searches by the year end.

A survey by Airbnb found that more than 80 percent of US consumers believe Airbnb helps people travel in a more environmentally sustainable way and enabling guests to search for listings with electric vehicle chargers is one way the company are supporting this.

Last year, Airbnb committed to a goal of operating as a net zero company by 2030, reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with our global corporate operations. It is investing in quality nature-based solutions to offset residual emissions.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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