700+ orders and counting: The new MAN eTruck is taking over

  • MAN’s debut electric truck is making waves, with over 700 orders for the 2024 model year, and limited editions on the verge of selling out.
  • MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS offer flexibility with 3 to 6 battery packs, enabling customised range, payload, and charging time for diverse applications.
  • Production begins in Munich in 2025, with powerhouse 480 kWh batteries, delivering 800 km ranges and lightning-fast MCS charging up to 375 kW.

New MAN eTruck leads the charge with 700+ orders

MAN‘s groundbreaking electric truck is taking the sector by storm. The Bavarian manufacturer reports an impressive demand, with 700 orders and requests for the MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS, and the 2024 “Limited Edition” is racing towards a sold-out status. 

The momentum continues as the orders transition to full-scale production, slated to kick off at the MAN plant in Munich come 2025. The latest MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS models boast unparalleled adaptability, offering a range of battery configurations from three to six packs. This means tailoring the perfect setup for every scenario – whether it’s range, payload, or charging time – setting a new standard for versatility in electric trucks.

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Equipped with six battery packs – two beneath the cab and potentially four more along the vehicle frame – the eTGX and eTGS models boast an impressive 480 kWh of usable battery capacity, facilitating daily ranges of up to 800 km. Not stopping there, MAN goes beyond the CCS standard, offering up to 375 kW, and introduces the even more powerful megawatt charging standard (MCS) for rapid intermediate charging during driving breaks. This marks a pivotal advancement in electric truck technology, redefining convenience and efficiency on the road.

Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, said:

“We are delighted that the new MAN electric truck has been so well received by our customers right from the start. The unique, modular battery concept, which offers the right compromise between range and payload for every application and enables all common types of superstructures, certainly contributes to this. The right vehicles for the drive turnaround in road freight transport are therefore here and will be rolling out to the first customers this year! Both the commercial vehicle industry and large parts of the logistics sector are ready to make a decisive contribution to the fight against climate change. However, we urgently need the right public charging infrastructure so that CO2-neutral freight transport on the road can pick up speed and customers are not disillusioned by the initial euphoria.”

Looking ahead, the journey to widespread EV adoption hinges on a robust charging infrastructure. MAN has joined forces with the TRATON GROUP, collaborating with industry leaders like the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck in the Milence joint venture, targeting the establishment of over 1,700 high-performance and megawatt charging points across Europe. Yet, the road to a seamless transition demands more. By 2030, we need 50,000 charging points throughout Europe. It’s a rallying call to action for stakeholders across politics and the energy sector to unite in this vital pursuit of climate targets.

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