1,400 e-bikes to join London’s Santander Cycles scheme as bike hire sweeps city

  • Santander Cycles in London will expand with 1,400 new e-bikes, significantly increasing the fleet.
  • Starting in March, a budget-friendly £3 day pass will provide unlimited 30-minute rides within a 24-hour period.
  • This expansion supports Mayor Sadiq Khan’s commitment to a cleaner and greener London, emphasizing the role of active and sustainable transportation.

A huge 1,400 new e-bikes will hit the streets this summer as part of London’s Santander Cycles scheme

The active transport push will triple the current Santander Cycles fleet from 600 to 2,000. The expansion will make e-bikes more convenient and accessible to a wider audience.

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What’s more, Santander Cycles will introduce a £3 day pass in March. The pass opens the door to unlimited hires under 30 minutes within a 24-hour period. That makes e-bikes a pocket-friendly choice for navigating the UK capital. It’s a strategic response to feedback from users who sought a more economical tariff structure.

The e-bike hire phenomenon has been a success story since its 2022 debut. Over 750,000 e-bike hires and double the daily usage compared to traditional bikes. Therefore, it’s clear that Londoners have embraced this eco-friendly alternative. Strategically dispersing the additional e-bikes across key central London locations ensures accessibility for all.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, champions the e-bike movement, stating:

“I’m delighted that we’re adding a further 1,400 new e-bikes to the fleet, almost tripling the number available to hire. The e-bikes have proved hugely popular since they were introduced and help break down the barriers that stop some people from cycling. The new day pass rate will also make Santander bikes one of the most affordable ways to travel in the capital. 

I’m determined to continue building a cleaner, greener and more prosperous London for everyone, and Santander Cycles plays a hugely important role in making active travel around the city as accessible as possible.” 

Santander Cycle Hire e-bikes
Dan Sherwood, Chief Marketing Officer at Santander UK, credited the scheme:

“It’s fantastic to still see so many people choosing a healthy way to get around and contributing to a more sustainable transport network in London. This year, with the introduction of more e-bikes and new tariffs, I’m thrilled that the Santander Cycles scheme will be even more accessible and affordable for all.” 

As London gears up for this cycling revolution, Santander Cycles emerges as a key player in the quest for a cleaner, healthier, and more accessible urban landscape. The new e-bikes and the affordable day pass will make pedal power the logical choice for navigating the bustling metropolis.

David Eddington, TfL’s Head of Cycle Hire, commented: 

“Santander Cycles is a vital part of London’s transport system and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the scheme, as well as making it as accessible as we can.  Santander Cycle e-bike usage in the capital is now more popular than ever so these additional e-bikes will allow more people to be able to access them. We’ve also listened to our customers regarding our fare tariff and are introducing a Day Pass to give people making multiple journeys in a day certainty about the overall cost of using the scheme. 

Santander Cycles has played an important role in encouraging more people to cycle and we look forward to seeing more Londoners making use of both the scheme’s e-bikes and mechanical bikes to ensure a greener and healthier future for everyone in London.”   

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