Electrify America offering complimentary electric vehicle (EV) charging in the USA to celebrate Earth Day

    To celebrate Earth Day, Electrify America, the largest open ultra-fast charging network in the USA,  is offering complimentary charging to electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

    Electric car drivers in the US will be able to top up their batteries for free at over 740 participating charging stations across its ultra-fast charging network. This will start on April 22 at 12:01am and continue through to April 23 at 3:00am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

    The network is also offering $50.00 off its HomeStation Level-2 home charger from April 18 to April 30, 2022, when purchased through the Electrify Home site using the promo code CHARGEONEARTH.

    Robert Barrosa, Electrify America senior director of sales, business development & marketing, said: “Driving an electric vehicle is something that individuals can do every day to live more sustainably.

    “Electrify America is happy to provide a little thank you to those who have already made the commitment to drive electric and help advance the goal of a more sustainable future.”

    Electrify America is encouraging electric vehicle drivers to take advantage of the complimentary charging sessions and to share their commitment to an electric lifestyle with their social followers by using the hashtags #ChargeOnEarth #Promotion to help foster support for Earth Day.

    Electrify America currently has 800 charging stations comprised of about 3,500 individual chargers open or with construction completed. With charging speeds of 150kW and 350kW, the fastest charging available, drivers can charge quickly and confidently and get back on the road.

    By 2026, Electrify America plans to expand to more than 1,800 charging stations with over 10,000 individual chargers.

    Ian Osborne
    Ian Osborne
    Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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