Zoomo and EAV: Powering the future of urban logistics 

  • Zoomo and EAV partner to promote cargo bike adoption in urban logistics.
  • Collaboration addresses congestion and emissions challenges, offering sustainable last-mile delivery solutions.
  • Partnership aligns with Transport for London’s van scrappage scheme for transition to electric vehicles, including e-cargo bikes.

Zoomo, a global leader in last-mile electric fleet solutions, has partnered with EAV, a provider of sustainable urban logistics solutions. 

Their goal is to expand options on Zoomo’s platform and promote the widespread use of cargo bikes in urban logistics. By combining EAV’s advanced hardware with Zoomo’s global reach, maintenance services, software, and financing capabilities, they aim to increase the presence of light electric vehicles (LEVs) on the roads.

Urban logistics faces challenges like congestion, limited parking, and harmful emissions. This has led to a demand for alternative vehicle solutions that seamlessly fit into existing systems. The sector requires various types of sustainable vehicles to meet its requirements.

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EAV’s cargo bikes boast a cargo volume of 2,000 litres and a payload of 150 kg. This means they can replace the numerous congesting vans in cities. These bikes efficiently navigate urban landscapes, using cycle lanes and pedestrianized areas for faster deliveries.

Zoomo will expand its product portfolio as EAV’s Official Fleet Partner, catering to the evolving needs of urban logistics. They will offer financing, maintenance guarantees, and telematically enabled fleet management software for EAV’s vehicles.

“We are bringing the vehicle leasing model from the automotive space to light electric vehicles. By integrating different vehicle types into our platform, like EAV e-cargo bikes, with leasing, servicing and telematically enabled software solutions, we are able to provide customers in urban logistics with a one-stop solution for all their delivery fleet needs.”

Michael Johnson, Co-Founder and CRO, Zoomo

“Zoomo are perfectly placed to support the take up of EAVs in city centres across the world, and drive the positive difference that we’re pushing for. We are thrilled to have a like minded partner on our mission to revolutionise the last mile, and to create cleaner, safer cities.”

Adam Barmby, Founder and CEO, EAV

The collaboration aligns with Transport for London’s van scrappage scheme. The scheme now includes grants for businesses to replace petrol vans with electric vehicles, including e-cargo bikes. 

An urban logistics ecosystem is emerging, with revolutionary EV trucks, ecargo bikes, and shared EV fleets becoming regular developments. These developments aim to reduce costs and minimize emissions in urban logistics, transforming city centres worldwide. 

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