Zimbl partner with Oxfordshire County Council to advance EV car-sharing

  • Zimbl, a Banbury-based startup, has joined Oxfordshire’s electric car-sharing initiative.
  • This program aims to reduce car ownership, offering affordable electric vehicle (EV) rentals.
  • The initiative positions Oxfordshire as a leader in sustainable transport, providing eco-friendly and cost-effective mobility options.

Zimbl’s car-sharing initiative has the power to slash emissions while making emobility more accessible than ever

Banbury-based Zimbl has partnered with Oxfordshire County Council and other local councils to launch an electric vehicle (EV) car-sharing initiative. The program aims to reduce vehicle ownership and promote electric mobility.

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Residents in Banbury and nearby areas can now rent two new EVs from Zimbl, conveniently located in town car parks. This initiative offers an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional car ownership. It allowing people to experience electric driving without long-term commitments.

Councillor Pete Sudbury, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said: 

“Zimbl is a welcome addition to our car club partnership. The programme represents a great option for residents looking for access to a vehicle without having the ongoing cost and worry of owning one, and many families will find them an ideal substitute for a second car, reducing clutter on your driveway or in the street.

“With all the vehicles in the car club fleet being electric, there’s the added bonus that people can experience driving an EV, adding to the big emissions and cost savings that come from lower car ownership.

Zimbl joins existing car club providers, Co Wheels and Enterprise CarClub, in offering pay-per-use EVs as part of the pilot, which is scheduled to conclude in April 2024. 

Richard Devitt, Co-Founder of Zimbl, added: 

“We believe that car ownership is an outdated concept – especially for second cars – and that car sharing will soon become the new norm. By hiring an EV only when we need to use a vehicle, we save money and help to reduce emissions.

“We believe in the power of electric mobility to create a sustainable and greener future and our mission is to provide accessible, convenient and hassle-free hourly electric vehicle (EV) hire services – revolutionising the way people access electric vehicles.”

The pilot, launched in April 2023, provides a variety of EVs available for hourly or daily rentals at multiple locations across Oxfordshire.

Richard Falconer, Managing Director of Co Wheels, commented:

“It is great to see that Oxfordshire, once again, is leading the UK in providing sustainable transport options. This exciting expansion across the county reflects the growing demand for car-sharing clubs, driven by residents who are increasingly recognising the environmental and economic advantages of shared mobility.

This 12-month EV car club pilot aims to assess demand and collect data for future expansion plans. It positions Oxfordshire as a leader in sustainable transport, offering residents a greener and economically viable alternative to traditional car ownership.

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