Zero Emission Van Plan calls for urgent action to electrify the UK’s fleets

  • UK’s electric van sales at 5.9%, missing 70% target by 2030, Zero Emission Van Plan calls for action.
  • BVRLA’s Zero Emission Van Plan accelerates electric van adoption through funding, charging, and regulatory reforms.
  • Presented in Parliament, the plan urges industry unity for a sustainable future. Join the campaign at BVRLA’s website.

Zero Emission Van Plan calls for industry unity and governmental action to meet 2030 targets

Fleets are essential to the UK’s economy, with 3.4 million workers relying on vans across diverse sectors. Increasingly, what’s good for the economy must also be good for the planet. Yet, a recent Climate Change Committee report issues a stark warning. The transition to electric vans is faltering, with e-van sales trailing and derailing from the intended trajectory.

The ambitious target of achieving 70% zero-emission vans by 2030 requires immediate and decisive action. Currently, just 5.9% of new van sales were electric in 2023. Without rapid intervention, the industry will never have the opportunity to decarbonise. 

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Responding to this critical crossroads emerges the Zero Emission Van Plan. The brainchild of BVRLA, Logistics UK, RECHARGE UK, AFP, and the EV Cafe. This initiative is a rallying point for industry leaders to pool their resources and propel the transition forward. 

The Zero Emission Van Plan highlights three main areas of focus:

Funding: Pushing for extended Plug-in Grants and financial perks for SMEs buying electric vans. This will slash costs and make them more attractive for businesses.

Charging: Committing to affordable, accessible charging solutions for electric van operators in both public spaces and private fleets. That involves addressing concerns about convenient and reliable charging.

Regulation: Proposing reforms to eliminate barriers hindering electric van adoption. These include revisiting rules for 4.25t ZEVs in MOT and driver hours to ensure a smoother transition for businesses.

The plan was launched in UK Parliament yesterday by its founders. 

Jonny Berry, Head of Decarbonisation at Novuna Vehicle Solutions, and Founder of The EV Café, went through the initiative, and parliamentary proceedings with us:

“The Zero Emission Van Plan represents a pivotal moment in our collective journey towards a future of decarbonisation, directly addressing the urgent challenges of climate change and air quality improvement. With vans providing a mobile workspace for over three million people and being the fastest-growing segment of the UK’s vehicle park, the transition to electric commercial vehicles is not just necessary; it’s imperative.

As of 2023, zero-emission vans accounted for under 6% of new registrations. By 2030, they need to represent 70% to meet ZEV mandate. This stark contrast highlights the steep hill we must climb—a challenge that requires immediate attention and action.

That’s why the BVRLA, alongside, the Association of Fleet Professionals, Logistics UK, REA (Recharge UK), and The EV Café, have united to launch the Zero Emission Van Plan. This comprehensive strategy spans fiscal support, vehicle charging, and the dismantling of regulatory barriers, pinpointing exactly where support is needed to accelerate this crucial transition.

We presented this plan in Parliament to MPs from all parties and corners of the UK. We underscore our commitment to van operators and the wider community. Our mission is clear: to ensure the successful implementation of the plan, striving towards our ambitious goal of 70% zero-emission vans by 2030. This is not just about meeting targets—it’s about creating a decarbonised, cleaner future for all, making electric vans the norm in our transport landscape.

The Zero Emission Van Plan is more than a set of recommendations; it’s the blueprint for our nation’s journey towards complete decarbonisation of the transport sector. Join us as we embark on this vital campaign, advocating for a future where the air we breathe is cleaner, and our environmental footprint is significantly reduced.”

The Zero Emission Van Plan is a clarion call for industry stakeholders to unite. Together, with parliamentary backing, the industry can navigate the path toward a sustainable future for the UK’s commercial vehicle fleet. Get involved by either joining the plan or writing to your MP, here.

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