Zeekr Mix revealed, the new exciting electric MPV

  • The electric MPV game is hotting up with the reveal of the Zeekr Mix, following models such as the Volkswagen ID. Buzz and Mercedes EQV.
  • Using an all-new iteration of its ‘SEA-M’ platform has several tweaks which allow several benefits specific to MPVs, including a longer wheelbase, and a wider cabin.
  • Although Zeekr has released its 001 and X models in parts of Europe, it looks like the Mix will remain a China-exclusive EV for now.

The Zeekr Mix takes on the ID. Buzz

At first glance the Mix is undoubtedly an MPV, but taking a closer look reveals how much different it is to any others we’ve seen before. Firstly, the front and rear sliding doors on one side pull in opposite directions with no need for a central B-pillar, which creates a 1.5-metre wide access gap – Zeekr claims this is the widest opening on any production car. Despite the lack of pillar, crash safety is not compromised, thanks to both doors creating structural rigidity once shut.

The new SEA-M platform that the mix rides on, which Zeekr invested over £786m in, has several features designed to maximise interior space. Firstly, electric motors have been put into a more compact package, allowing floor space to be further flattened over a conventional EV, and lowered, for easier access. Combined with thinner tyres and wheels, this reduces intrusion into the cabin space, further maximising room.

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The front seats can rotate inwards, also allowing impromptu meetings. While that’s a pretty standard feature for MPVs, it further indicates Zeekr’s future plans to eventually make the Mix a fully autonomous EV, with steer-by-wire, and an optional autopilot system available.

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