ZEEKR and Qover join forces for tailored EV insurance solutions in the Netherlands

  • ZEEKR partners with Qover for customized EV insurance in the Netherlands.
  • Three easy-to-choose packages provide comprehensive coverage.
  • Policies, backed by Helvetia International Automotive, prioritize simplicity and customer needs.

ZEEKR has partnered with Qover to offer comprehensive EV insurance in the Netherlands. 

This collaboration extends coverage to both private and fleet customers, providing tailored insurance solutions to meet diverse needs.

Under the partnership, Qover, known for its innovative insurance technology, will deliver three distinct packages – Essential, Advanced, and Ultimate. These packages empower ZEEKR customers to select the level of coverage that aligns with their individual requirements.

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Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-founder at Qover, commented:

“Our platform allows us to pivot from fragmented, multi-local insurance programs to a unified digital customer experience. We’re dedicated to supporting ZEEKR as the brand navigates the European insurance world and strengthens its presence across the continent.” 

These insurance packages cover an array of potential issues, including damage to charging cables or home wallboxes, tire damage, and the provision of a replacement vehicle. All three packages include battery cover, ensuring a comprehensive and reassuring level of protection.

To access detailed information and explore these insurance offerings, customers can visit ZEEKR’s official website at www.zeekr.eu. This user-friendly platform enhances accessibility and transparency, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

Stephen Dorman, Head of Customer Care at ZEEKR Europe, said: 

“ZEEKR strives to make every aspect of the ownership experience seamless, and this includes insurance. We are delighted to be partnering with Qover to provide insurance in the Netherlands as we have a shared focus on customer service and on making it simple for customers to choose the products and services they need.”

The ZEEKR | Qover EV insurance initiative is a project we can expect to see mimicked in the future. Package deals have become the norm to maximise the affordability of EVs. As EV requirements become more complex, thanks to new technologies and equipment that drivers may need, these comprehensive packages are likely to become the choice of the future. 

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