World EV Day coming on September 9, 2020

On September 9 Green.TV will bring a world first with their online event World EV Day. The day has been created to offer a celebration of world-wide electric car and vehicle ownership, and all things emobility. The event draws on inspiration from campaigns like World Wide Fund for Nature’s Earth Hour and aims to create a global movement to champion sustainable mobility.

World EV Day is designed to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes. In its inaugural year, World EV Day, is a largely social media led campaign to engage consumers around the sustainability benefits of electric cars and vehicles.

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World EV Day, which is hosted by Green.TV, works with a long list of green and sustainable partners in the emobility space to either create digitally led creative campaigns, or provide the tools and channels for partners to work on their own campaigns.

Headlining partner for the event are ABB, who are a leading global engineering company who are helping the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive and sustainable future. Other key partners involved with World EV Day include BYD, DPD, LeasePlan Polestar, National Grid, Shell NewMotion and ubitricity.  

The day itself will have four components led by investigating consumer focus content using digital tools and creative campaign ideas, to deliver community led and user generated content. The second element will be a business and policy sector engagement via the EV Summit’s rolling panel discussion series, while the third section explores business to business to consumer campaigns, and the final component looks at business to political campaigns.

Global Emobility Leaders to Discuss Key Solutions to Sustainable Transport

One unique and exciting part of these components is Green.TV’s EV Summit which will host high level business and policy events. It will bring together the world’s emobility leaders to discuss the key narratives driving electrification and sustainable transport forwards.

As part of this world first event one of the partners, ubitricity, will be offering free electric car charging for the day. This will allow electric car and vehicle drivers to plug in and top up their cars for free as part of FREECHARGE for World EV Day. Any car plugged in to a public ubitricity charging station between 00:01am and 23:59pm on this day will receive their charge session at zero cost.

Ade Thomas, Founder of Green.TV, the company behind World EV Day, said: “World EV Day is all about encouraging the next cohort of consumers to engage with the sustainability and cost saving benefits of electric cars and vehicles. The FREECHARGE campaign, by ubitricity, is a great tool to help with that goal.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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