World EV Day™ 2024 is 100 days away

  • World EV Day™ is 100 days away, celebrating its fifth anniversary with global stakeholders and Auto Trader.
  • The event aims to keep emobility a political priority beyond 2024, featuring test drives to inspire change.
  • Previous events had significant global impact, and this year focuses on how sectors will #DriveChange toward decarbonisation.

World EV Day™, the largest emobility event of the year, is just 100 days away. 

The campaign is coming at a crucial time, as global elections dominate 2024. It’s essential to keep emobility a political priority beyond this year.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, World EV Day™ will showcase the best in emobility. The event will bring together leading stakeholders, OEMs, energy companies, charge point operators, and consumers from around the globe. 

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This year, World EV Day™ continues its close collaboration with Auto Trader.

Auto Trader’s vast reach and expertise in new and used vehicle markets are pivotal for EV adoption. It offers extensive guides to buying electric cars, these guides help drivers dispel myths and misconceptions shrouding EV ownership. 

World EV Day™ is more than just a day of celebration.

It unites companies, policymakers, and thought leaders for impactful activations and announcements. Previous events have garnered significant global political attention. Discussions have taken place in the UK parliament and recognition has come from the White House’s top climate advisor.

In 2023, World EV Day™ achieved over 200 million impressions on Twitter/X across 119 countries. Companies like Ford, Nissan, Tata, and Volvo Trucks participated, highlighting the event’s global impact. This year, the focus is on how businesses, policymakers, and individuals will #DriveChange to support the shift to a decarbonised society.

EV Meetups will be a cornerstone of this year’s campaign. Anyone interested in EVs will be more than welcome to a range of events around the world. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the latest EVs firsthand. Hands-on experience is crucial for addressing concerns about range, performance, and charging infrastructure. You can join in and learn about the technical aspects of EVs and understand how these incredible machines can fit into your life.

As the countdown ticks on, and elections loom worldwide, this year is shaping up to be a pivotal time for the emobility sector. World EV Day™ hits the heart of the industry, a worldwide wind gauge for change, tracking the global growth of sustainability interest year-on-year. 

Find out how you can get involved, here.

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