Where there’s muck, the emissions buck: Lunaz EV refuse truck slashes CO2e emissions and supercharges lifecycles

  • Lunaz UEV: the planet’s most eco-friendly waste management vehicle
  • 72% less CO2: UEVs are putting new diesel models to shame with a significant reduction in emissions
  • Double Green Impact: not just one, not two, but three seven-year life cycles


The latest report has revealed that a Lunaz upcycled electric refuse collection truck slices off carbon emissions by 344 tonnes compared to a new diesel equivalent. But it doesn’t stop there. The study, analysing the Lifecycle Carbon of the upcycled vehicle, also revealed an impressive 43-tonne CO2e saving compared to a new all-electric model. 

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David Lorenz, Founder of Lunaz, said:

“At a time when investment in sustainable technologies and solutions, especially around transport, is front and centre in the news and legislation, this report is a huge vote of confidence not just in our upcycling process, but in electric propulsion generally. This rigorous independent study shows Lunaz’ upcycled electric vehicles’ carbon emissions over their potential lifetime are substantially lower than their new diesel and electric equivalents. The extent of these savings is clearly impactful, and a fantastic validation of our technology and approach, providing a clear path to value for our customers, and sending strong signals to green technology investors who continue to be attracted to the Lunaz proposition.”

Lunaz isn’t just changing the game; they’re rewriting the sustainability playbook, preserving  embedded carbon and minimizing cradle-to-gate emissions. It’s not just about upcycling; it’s a full-blown rebirth. A top-to-bottom restoration that swaps out the old diesel engine with a Lunaz electric powertrain – and – the interior gets a high-tech makeover, enhancing safety and operator well-being.

What’s more, a Lunaz UEV boasts not just one, not two, but three seven-year life cycles. Lunaz’s approach, validated by commercial success and partnerships with UK authorities and waste management companies, provides a cost-effective alternative to replacing existing vehicles, saving both embedded carbon and capital. 

The report emphasises the importance of transitioning towards net zero emissions and highlights the potential for further emission reductions with a greener energy grid and the use of certified renewable tariffs. Even when considering biofuels like hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), the Lunaz UEV outperforms diesel trucks in emissions over three life cycles.

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