We take a look at E.ON Drive and all that they’ve achieved in just two years, what they’re up to now and where they’re heading

E.ON, a European electric utility business based in Essen, Germany, started their electric vehicle (EV) journey in 2018 and have continued to grow with the introduction of new and innovative technologies. E.ON Drive is the company’s solution to clean, zero-emission driving for owners of EV’s.

The company offers a range of charging solutions and tailor installs to suit their customers’ needs, whether they are residential or business or public users. With every user being unique, so too are their charging needs. That’s why E.ON design every set-up to meet the requirements of the user today, but also keep the future in mind as the world evolves.

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With over 36,000 EV chargers already installed across their network in the UK and Europe, E.ON are ready to help EV drivers on their journey. E.ON’s sites and a wide range of business locations and destination charge points across the UK are equipped with their EV chargers. They also have their Ultra Fast Charging stations that can be found at Euro Garages.

E.ON Drive’s package includes a 24-hour assistance line that is open 365 days-a-year. They also have an app to make life easier and provide simple fingertip management.

To help owners and businesses with fleets of EV’s, E.ON Drive offers vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. This allows them to feed energy stored in their batteries back to buildings or the electricity grid. Vehicles can charge when costs and demand on the grid are low and then export this power back to the electricity network during more expensive periods when demand is high.

This enables EV owners and fleets to financially benefit, as well as contribute to a more sustainable carbon-neutral future. It also helps to lower the total cost of ownership. Through the integration of Nissan’s V2G, customers can help shape a society whose energy use is sustainable, efficient and affordable.

E.ON’s eClick is a simple and low-cost EV docking station. This infrastructure puts property developers in the best position to be in line with current and future government guidelines around energy efficiency and EV charging capability, allowing customers to simply choose a charger to attach to this.

E.ON Drive are an EV100 member and committed to switching their entire fleet to electric power by 2030. They will also install charging facilities in all 100 of their offices across Europe. E.ON are already well on the way with 400 charging points already installed in their offices.

While the world has suffered during the current pandemic, E.ON has continued to work hard and have started to install chargers across residential properties. E.ON’s engineers have adhered to the government guidelines by conducting virtual site surveys and distanced physical installs.

E.ON have also been working hard in the virtual world attending events for electric vehicles and building the brand and its presence. During lockdown, they have also commendably supported NHS workers with free charging at hospitals.

So, what’s next you may well ask? E.ON plan to install more of their chargers across the UK to help support use at home, in cities and places of work. They have also partnered with Nissan, where their chargers will be available for demonstration at dealers and online showrooms. Here, they are offering a smart bundle deal that includes a custom tariff, smart meter and charger.

E.ON Drive are constantly evolving to keep up with the times and their customers’ needs. Whether it’s a single car at home or a large business fleet of EV’s, the company are working hard to find the best solution while contributing towards the road to net zero.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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