WAE Technologies unveils groundbreaking technology that could shape the way electric fleets are operated worldwide

With new technology comes new challenges, and fleets worldwide are facing the challenges surrounding the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) head-on. 

The main task is managing and optimising the performance of their new electrified fleets using metrics and data they may not be used to after decades of managing diesel fleets.

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WAE Technologies, a pioneering group in design and development with electrification forming the cornerstone of its ethos, showcased its groundbreaking new battery intelligence offering, Elysia, at the Global Fleet Conference in Portugal.

Elysia is a suite of battery intelligence technologies that provides game-changing insights, management, and optimisation of batteries to the mass automotive market.

Elysia uses state-of-the-art embedded and cloud-based products, including the Elysia Cloud Platform. An integral part of the management programme is its use of proprietary digital twin technology, a cloud-based system that provides a complete virtual picture of a battery’s health, enabling accurate degradation data and live fault-finding. 

It enables customers, such as fleet operators to manage, optimise, and enhance battery performance across its entire lifecycle, including accurate forecasting, extending battery life and enhancing safety.

Elysia could be a game-changer for the EV industry, offering a unique combination of battery intelligence technologies and real-world battery engineering and development. It is designed to unlock the potential of electric fleets in all sectors, as fleet managers are able to track and, crucially, understand the health and lifecycle of their batteries, allowing them to hit the ground running with their cutting-edge new fleets.

Elysia Commercial Lead, Joe Jones, said:

“As the fleet market transitions to a zero emission, battery-powered future, understanding how to maximise the value delivered from an electric fleet across its entire life becomes paramount. Elysia provides easy to interpret, actionable battery insights to give fleet owners – and battery asset financiers – unprecedented insight into battery life, allowing them to maximise the value any EV fleet delivers over the course of its life.”

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