Volvo Trucks launches electric truck with longer range and faster charge time

Volvo Trucks continues to lead the deployment of zero-emission trucks across the world. In North America, the company now launches an enhanced version of its Volvo VNR Electric with up to 85 percent increased range and faster charging.

The first generation of Volvo VNR Electric had an operating range of up to 150 miles (240km). Now an enhanced version of the class 8 electric vehicle (EV) is launched, with an operational range of up to 275 miles (440km) and increased energy storage of up to 565kWh.

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The improved performance is largely down to its improved battery design and a new six-battery package option. The new Volvo VNR Electric also reduces the required charging time. The 250kW charging capability provides an 80 percent charge in 90 minutes for the six-battery package, and 60 minutes for the four-battery version.

The Volvo VNR Electric is one of Volvo Trucks six all-electric heavy truck models and is specially designed for the North American market. Globally, Volvo Trucks has set the target that half of all trucks sold are electric by 2030.

The combination of improved range and faster charging time of the VNR Electric could be a real game-changer for long-haul logistics. Hopefully, this will encourage companies to make the transition to tailpipe-free haulage.

Peter Voorhoeve, Volvo Trucks North America president, said: “It is a testament to Volvo Trucks’ leadership in a continuously evolving industry that we are bringing the enhanced version of our VNR Electric to the market only a year after sales of the VNR Electric first started.”

Production of the enhanced Volvo VNR Electric will start in the second quarter of 2022 in the company’s New River Valley plant in Virginia, which is the exclusive producer of all Volvo trucks in North America.

Roger Alm, Volvo Trucks president, said: “We are determined to lead the transformation of the transport industry. In only eight years’ time, our goal is that half of our global truck sales are electric.

“The interest among customers is high, and it’s quickly becoming a competitive advantage for transporters to be able to offer electric, sustainable transports. That is very encouraging.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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