Volvo Cars partners with Breathe Battery Technology for advanced charging across EV range

  • Volvo Cars partners with Breathe Battery Technology for faster EV charging with innovative software.
  • Aiming for 30% faster charging without compromising battery health.
  • Aligns with Volvo’s sustainability goals, positioning them as EV market leaders.

Breathe’s innovative battery technology accelerates Volvo Cars’ charging times, while maintaining battery health

Volvo Cars has inked a pioneering deal with Breathe Battery Technologies. This makes Volvo the inaugural automaker to integrate Breathe’s cutting-edge charging software into their upcoming EV lineup.

Driving this collaboration is the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, the company’s venture capital arm. It was established in 2018 with the mission to catalyse innovation within the automotive industry. The partnership aims to leverage Breathe’s patented charging software, offering Volvo drivers accelerated charging times and an overall enhanced EV experience.

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The focal point of this collaboration is the integration of Breathe’s software into Volvo’s proprietary battery management system. This will slash charging durations by up to 30%, spanning the 10% to 80% charging state. Importantly, this comes without compromising the health of the EV’s battery – a critical factor in mitigating lithium plating risks.

Diverging from conventional stepped charging, Breathe’s adaptive charging deploys real-time control. It dynamically manages the battery to achieve significantly shorter charging durations.

Ann-Sofie Ekberg, CEO of the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, commented:

“The investment and commercial partnership with Breathe helps us address a familiar pain point for electric car customers and makes our charging performance even more competitive. Faster charging times, in the range where customers typically fast charge, represent a major step in the right direction as we continue to boost electric mobility and make it available to more people.”

The technology promises reduced charging times without necessitating alterations to battery pack designs or increased material mining. This aligns with Volvo’s ambitious targets of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and a circular business model by 2040.

Dr. Ian Campbell, CEO of Breathe Battery Technologies, states:

“We’re very pleased with this investment and sourcing agreement with Volvo Cars and support their exciting journey towards full electrification,” says Dr Ian Campbell, CEO of Breathe Battery Technologies. “Deploying our technology at scale on Volvo’s next generation EV platform opens doors to innovative car designs and performance improvements. We share a profound passion for electric mobility, and convenient, fast charging is one of the cornerstone enablers for the future we strive towards.”

Testing reveals charge time improvements ranging from 15-30%. The compatibility with existing hardware in Volvo’s new-gen electric vehicles ensures seamless scalability. This is strategically poised for the anticipated surge in electric vehicle sales in the years ahead. Alongside Volvo Cars’ streamlined naming strategy for it’s EV range, this feels like the start of ‘phase two’ of Volvo’s electric journey.

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