Volta Trucks will be showing off their Volta Zero all-electric truck at this year’s EV Summit

Volta Trucks will be showing off their Volta Zero all-electric truck at this year’s EV Summit. The event will take place at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School on 1-2 September.

Now in its fourth year, the EV Summit has earned the epithet ‘the Davos for emobility’, noted for attracting CEO speakers and as a platform for major announcements in the sector. This year the EV Summit is placing the master narrative of decarbonisation at the centre of the event.

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Volta Trucks, who are a leading fully-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, will show their Volta Zero truck at the event. The Volta Zero is the first purpose-built all-electric large commercial vehicle designed for city centre logistics.

It has been designed to encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles for logistics, haulage and last-mile deliveries, which Volta Trucks see as key towards moving to a cleaner future. This will be one of several cutting-edge electric vehicles exhibited at this year’s EV Summit, and will certainly be the largest.

The Volta Zero is a vehicle designed for modern sustainable cities and will be exhibited in Oxford city centre, directly outside the Saïd Business School during the Summit for the world to see.

The Volta Zero demonstrator vehicle that will be on display has been built by Prodrive, who are based near Oxford. Prodrive are a progressive engineering company and creators of innovative engineering solutions for electric powertrains and motorsport.

Not only is the Volta Zero a modern clean zero-emissions truck but also one of the safest. Without the need for a traditional combustion engine the operator sits in a central driving position with a far lower seat height than a traditional truck. This combined with a glass house-style cab design it gives the driver a 220-degree field of vision helping to minimise blind spots.

Along with exhibiting at the EV Summit, Volta Trucks’ founder, Carl-Magnus Norden, will be speaking on the ‘Design panel’. As well as discussing the native battery electric design of the Volta Zero, he’ll be discussing how Volta Trucks are designing trucks for cleaner, safer cities that battery electric vehicles will usher in.

The EV Summit’s ‘Design panel’ will be looking at how things need to be designed to deliver sustainable emobility. This panel will also feature Matthew Weaver, who is Nissan’s vice president, and Adam Barmby, founder of EAV, the Oxford-based four-wheel ecargo company.

Oxford is now a world leader in the electrification of delivery vehicles. Oxford University has a fleet of Nissan e-NV200s and DPD UK recently announced that Oxford had converted to a 100 percent electric vehicle fleet. Adding the Volta Zero truck is the perfect fit for the EV Summit and the city.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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