Volta Trucks takes on Oktoberfest with Paulaner Brewery Group

  • Volta Trucks partners with Paulaner Brewery Group for emission-free deliveries at Munich’s Oktoberfest.
  • All-electric 16-tonne Volta Zero enhances safety and reduces emissions in Munich’s city centre.
  • This collaboration aligns with Volta Trucks’ urban decarbonization efforts, making strides toward a sustainable future.

Paulaner Brewery Group takes advantage of the Volta Zero Driving Experience Programme this Oktoberfest

Volta Trucks has teamed up with the renowned Paulaner Brewery Group to introduce emissions-free deliveries at Munich’s globally celebrated Oktoberfest. This strategic collaboration forms part of Volta Trucks’ visionary Driving Experience Programme.

At the heart of this eco-friendly initiative is the all-electric 16-tonne Volta Zero. This revolutionary truck not only curbs emissions in Munich’s city centre but also heightens safety for all pedestrians and festival enthusiasts while delivering stock.

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Oktoberfest, a longstanding Munich tradition dating back to 1810, draws over six million attendees, both international and domestic, to Bavaria each year. The Volta Zero’s addition to the event is a telling sign of the future of deliveries, events, and transport on the whole.

The Paulaner Brewery Group is operating this all-electric marvel through the bustling streets of Munich. The project is under the wing of the Volta Zero Driving Experience Programme. This programme is a way of allowing companies and events alike to try the zero-emissions trucks for themselves. This practical exercise enables them to assess how seamlessly the production-specification all-electric medium-duty truck can be integrated into their logistical operations.

Usuf Schermo, Head of Germany Sales at Volta Trucks, said, 

“Seeing our trucks on the streets of Munich and delivering to a world-renowned event is fantastic. With the organisers of Oktoberfest looking to make strides towards a greener and more sustainable event, having deliveries into the city that produce zero-tailpipe emissions is a great step towards our business goals of decarbonising city centres.” 

In taking on Oktoberfest, Volta Trucks is advancing its mission of reducing carbon footprints in urban centres. The delivery of zero-tailpipe emissions to Oktoberfest marks a substantial stride toward this vision. Where will we see Volta Trucks next? 

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