Volta Trucks Announces Bankruptcy

Volta Trucks, the city centre electric truck OEM, has gone bankrupt.

This will be a very sad day for the people and partners involved, and, indeed, for the emobility sector as a whole.

The electric trucks sector has been slower to develop than many expected. What comes first, the trucks or the charging infrastructure, has been a major issue throughout.

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This decision comes shortly after Volta Trucks‘ battery supplier and heavy-duty electrification specialists, Proterra Inc., filed for bankruptcy.

With the legacy OEMs, Volvo, DAF and Mercedes-Benz trucks all now bringing vehicles to market, the task just got a whole lot tougher for challenger brands: and it seems Volta Trucks have fallen victim.

Volta Trucks’ Board of Directors commented that it had: “not taken this course easily or lightly and is fully aware of the significant impact this will have on the organisation’s dedicated workforce”.

More as this breaking story unfolds.

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