Volta Trucks and DSV partner to drive sustainable fleet operations

  • Volta Trucks delivers emission-free Volta Zero to DSV for testing
  • DSV’s all-electric last-mile deliveries in London accelerate green logistics
  • Volta’s Driving Experience Program sparks sustainable fleet transformations

Building a sustainable fleet with Volta and DSV

Volta Trucks is making big waves in the world of electrified fleets. The company has handed over its cutting-edge Volta Zero to global logistics giant DSV. This move marks a significant step in Volta’s Driving Experience Programme. The Volta Zero is a game-changing all-electric truck that produces zero tailpipe emissions.

DSV, a major player in transport and logistics operating across 80 countries, is putting the Volta Zero to the test. It will hit the roads for last-mile deliveries in London and the Southeast, with daytime routes and overnight charging at the depot. DSV has its eyes set on a sustainable future, aiming for net zero emissions by 2050.

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“We are delighted to see the Volta Zero operational on the roads of the UK as part of our Driving Experience Programme, and to see DSV utilising the vehicle for real-world day-to-day deliveries. At Volta Trucks, we are focused on driving towards more sustainable, safer and healthier cities and have a laser focus on accelerating the electrification of the commercial transport sector.”

Chris Heddle, UK Sales Manager, Volta Trucks

The Driving Experience Programme isn’t just about lending trucks. It’s a chance for fleet operators to see how the Volta Zero can seamlessly fit into their operations. This program is in full swing across the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden, with more countries joining soon.

“We have researched the possibility of facilitating electric vehicles without impacting service levels for some time and Volta Trucks has provided us with the perfect solution. We are delighted to be part of such a significant innovation in the industry and look forward to evaluating the benefits in the coming months.” 

John Hawksworth, Senior Director for road operation in the Domestic & Distribution, DSV

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