Volta Trucks accelerates the launch of the much anticipated Volta Zero

Volta Trucks, a leading designer and innovator of all-electric commercial vehicles, has announced its accelerated launch plans. 

Having only been formed in 2019, Volta Trucks has made a splash in the commercial EV space. Their inspired electric trucks have gained interest around the world as delivery, haulage, and logistics companies seek to decarbonise their operations.

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Volta Trucks initially planned to launch the Volta Zero in 2024, but due to high consumer demand, they have accelerated their schedule so now they’ll be seen on the streets of Sweden by mid-2023. 

The electric truck in question is available in 16 and 18-tonne versions and is specifically designed for the urban transport sector in Scandinavian cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. These medium-duty electric trucks are well-suited for transporting goods into larger cities in the region. 

Carl-Magnus Norden, the Swedish Founder of Volta Trucks said, 

“We care about cities, their people, and our planet. The Volta Zero has been designed from the ground up as an all-electric vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions, and has been purpose-built for urban transportation with safety and sustainability at the heart of what we do.”

The Volta Zero is set to herald a new era of EV transportation, with sustainability and urban safety at the heart of the design process. Combining cutting-edge EV technology with advanced cameras and scanning to maximise visibility around the vehicle, the new age of electric trucks will not only improve our urban air quality, but road safety as well. 

Volta Trucks’ decision to expedite the launch in Sweden demonstrates the surging demand for urban emobility solutions. Volta Trucks has hit the market early and positioned itself as a strong leader in the all-electric commercial vehicle sector. Surely with the success of the Volta Zero, other companies are bound to follow suit. 

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