Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH, Elli, launches Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect intelligent electricity tariff with electric mobility pioneers

Elli, the Volkswagen subsidiary that provides sustainable energy and charging solutions, has partnered with to launch the Volkswagen Group’s first ever intelligent household electricity tariff called Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect.  The tariff will use’s platform to market and manage the new tariff with electric vehicle (EV) owners.

The Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect tariff has been developed by directly integrating the energy tariff with electric vehicle charging usage, controlled through the Naturstrom Connect app.

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The customer allows their electric vehicle charging to dynamically respond to the carbon intensity on the grid and in exchange, they will generate one reward point for every qualifying smart charge over 7kWh.

For every 10 points generated, the customer will receive a €5 bill credit which is then credited to their annual electricity bill. The customer can save up to €100 per year and will be able to track their energy use, carbon avoidance and energy cost-savings over time.

Through the app and connected customer experience, Elli and have created a scalable eco-system that reduces cost for electric vehicle owners through their EV adoption. This is good way of reducing the cost of electric car ownership and helping the transition to cleaner driving.

Plus, it satisfies the long-term goals of sustainable, zero-carbon energy for the masses. With this offering, Elli and the Naturstrom Connect tariff has gained TÜV Rheinland accreditation.

The Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect app will integrate directly with Volkswagen vehicles through an owner’s Volkswagen ID, enabling a seamless login and connected mobility experience.

Johannes Rönsberg, Coordinator Volkswagen Future Mobility Incubator, said: “It’s great to see come through the program and get commercial traction to the Elli team so quickly.

“This is a great testament to Volkswagen’s approach of bringing great start-ups through our programs, and launching the best ideas in the market.”

Ingo Müller, Elli head of energy solutions, said: “The new Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect tariff allows our customers to take the next step on the path to a sustainable mobility.

“We are happy to offer a solution that not only reduces the carbon footprint but also the electricity bill of our customers. Together with our partner, we are planning to make this service/tariff available to many more EV drivers in the future.”

Nick Woolley, co-founder and CEO, said: “This is a major milestone not only for us and for Volkswagen, but more importantly for EV drivers, by integrating smart charging into home charging and energy services.

“I’m excited to be scaling a first of a kind tariff in Volkswagen’s home country, and beyond. It’s been fantastic working so closely with the Elli and wider Volkswagen Group Charging team to develop a solution that is greener, cheaper and simpler for EV drivers.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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