Visa confirmed as EV Summit 2022 Headline Partner

Visa, a world leader in digital payments have been announced as the EV Summit‘s Headline Partner for the second year running. The EV Summit is the world’s most significant gathering of emobility leaders. It explores how to advance battery-electric mobility for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The hugely successful event delivered by Green.TV, the world-leading sustainability multi-media company, is now in its fifth year. 

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Payments are a key tool in delivering interoperable charging solutions, and Visa is partnering with the EV Summit with the aim of advancing a seamless electric vehicle (EV) charging experience.

As Headline Partner, Visa will work in tandem with the expert team at Green.TV Media Ltd, organisers of The EV Summit, to forge the sustainability meets emobility narrative of the 2022 EV Summit, delivering actionable insights for partners, delegates and governments across the globe.

In 2022, the EV Summit is relocating to Magazine London. The new location boasts 3,205 square metres of versatile interior space for up to 3,000 people. This is the perfect location as the Summit looks to expand its international positioning as the world’s most significant emobility high-level business forum.

Previous speakers at the Summit include a plethora of CEOs, industry leaders and experts in the space, along with Grant Shapps, the UK’s Secretary of State for Transport, marking the summit’s status.

The EV Summit brings together business leaders and key players working on electric vehicles, energy, information technology and charging infrastructure, to explore how we advance full battery electric emobility. 

The Summit is a high-level business forum based on the dual themes of business engagement and thought leadership from the most senior, influential and informed people in the sector. Key to the Summit’s success is its Digital Introductions pre-arranged meetings process, which has led to deals into the tens of millions.

Richard Campion, Visa Europe Head of Acceptance said: “It will take a range of innovative solutions to deliver the infrastructure for the transition to electric vehicles. This makes consistent consumer charging experience more important than ever and payments is a key part of that. 

“We’re delighted to partner with EV Summit again in 2022 and continue working with partners across the ecosystem to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles in Europe and beyond.”

Ade Thomas, Green.TV Media Ltd. and The EV Summit CEO and founder, said: “I’m super pleased to have such a globally significant company, Visa, at the centre of the debate and of the business of emobility at the 2022 EV Summit. 

“Payments are key to the ecosystem of frictionless public charging, which is so crucial to the large scale roll-out of EV charging infrastructure.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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