Vauxhall’s Etiquette Guide for Electric Vehicle Drivers

  • Vauxhall and Debrett’s release an Etiquette Guide for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.
  • The guide is based on a survey of 2,000 UK motorists.
  • It offers practical tips and advice to encourage more drivers to embrace emobility.

Vauxhall and Debrett’s have joined forces to release an Etiquette Guide for EV drivers

The guide aims to provide clarity and guidance on various aspects of EV life that often leave drivers confused. Vauxhall and Debrett’s conducted the research in May 2023, when they surveyed 2,000 UK motorists.

The study revealed that almost 90% of UK drivers are put off by the lack of instructions on using public EV chargers. 77% expressed uncertainty about EV ownership etiquette.

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To address these concerns, the guide offers practical tips, gathered from experienced EV drivers and industry experts. 

It covers important topics such as using public charging points and managing charging time with other drivers. The guide also sheds light on interesting behavioural differences between EV owners and those with petrol or diesel vehicles.

To avoid awkward encounters, the guide provides advice on approaching drivers whose EVs are almost fully charged, ensuring a diplomatic resolution. Vauxhall has even created timing cards for drivers to display in their vehicles, informing others about their charging duration. We’ve recently seen Leaseplan take a similar approach to encourage EV etiquette. 

When it comes to home charging, the guide suggests discussing charging arrangements with hosts and information on the electricity tariffs for your EV. 

“As the electric vehicle revolution transforms our roads, our behaviour and etiquette must accommodate changes. It is clear that many drivers are uncertain about the etiquette relating to owning an EV. The new Guide to Electric Vehicle Etiquette aims to address these uncertainties, providing clear guidance on charging and parking protocols, as well as some recommendations about good etiquette that will contribute to a civilised and agreeable EV experience.”

Elizabeth Wyse, Writer, Debrett’s

The Guide to Electric Vehicle Etiquette from Vauxhall serves as a valuable resource. It addresses concerns and provides practical advice to current and prospective EV owners. By clarifying misconceptions and offering guidance, Vauxhall aims to encourage more drivers to embrace emobility and contribute to a sustainable future.

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