Vauxhall research uncovers serious lack of accessible charging infrastructure on UK streets

  • Vauxhall’s investigation reveals a mere 2.3% of UK’s on-street EV infrastructure is appropriate for accessible charging.
  • In London, none of the 11,747 chargers are tailored for disabled users.
  • Vauxhall’s Electric Streets of Britain initiative aims to rectify accessibility issues, urging drivers to register their needs on

Vauxhall unveils research as part of its Electric Streets of Britain initiative, highlighting the pressing need for accessible charging infrastructure

Vauxhall’s latest research has unveiled the dire shortage of EV chargers tailored to accommodate disabled drivers on the UK’s streets. 

Only 2.3% of the UK’s on-street EV chargers have been adapted to cater to the needs of disabled motorists. Out of the staggering 19,456 charge points covered, a mere 450 have been designed with accessibility in mind. More alarming still, just 105 of the chargers were installed in disabled parking bays. It’s clear there’s a long way to go before we hit truly equitable charging infrastructure.

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Astonishingly, in London, where over 60% of the nation’s on-street chargers are concentrated, not a single one has been tailored to accommodate disabled users. Out of the 11,747 chargers dotting the capital’s streets, only 12 are placed in disabled parking bays. These worrying stats put a glaring spotlight on the accessibility crisis gripping the EV charging landscape.

James Taylor, Managing Director at Vauxhall, commented:

“As this new research very clearly demonstrates, accessibility is an area of electric vehicle charging infrastructure which requires immediate attention. The focus typically falls on charger numbers and charging times, but accessibility is a fundamental factor in ensuring the switch to EVs is both practical and inclusive. Currently, this is a significant barrier for Britain’s disabled motorists wishing to switch to EVs – particularly those who have no home charging capability.

 It is imperative that the switch to electric is made possible for all, and at Vauxhall we want to ensure everybody is brought along on this journey. While there are recent set guidelines in place to support disabled drivers, they are not mandatory. Our research shows that their implementation is very limited and that needs to change if on-street charging provision is to meet the needs of all motorists. We ask drivers to register their personal needs for on-street charging through to ensure all voices are heard on the UK’s journey towards electrification.”

Vauxhall launched the Electric Streets of Britain initiative in 2023. This initiative aims to bolster accessibility for the 40% of UK households without off-street parking. 

To foster widespread participation and tailor solutions to individual needs, Vauxhall urges drivers to register their requirements on This national database gives motorists a voice, particularly those with disabilities, to call for on-street charging facilities. With a serious accessibility challenge facing the UK’s EV infrastructure, now is the time to make your voice heard.

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