Vauxhall partners with JustPark to improve UK’s access to electric vehicle (EV) charging

Vauxhall have partnered with parking provider JustPark to help more people in the UK switch to an electric vehicle (EV) by helping them find convenient charging locations near their home.

While many electric car drivers enjoy the benefits of being able to charge at home, approximately 40 percent of UK households have no access to off-street parking where they can install a charging device. The JustCharge Community Charging network aims to make going electric easy for everyone.

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As part of the JustCharge network, electric vehicle drivers with their own charger on their drive or property can rent these out to other electric car drivers via an intuitive App.

With the new partnership, Vauxhall will encourage its electric vehicle drivers to join the growing community network and make electric vehicle ownership even more convenient for more people. Plus, this allows for owners to further reduce their electric vehicle’s low running costs from the revenue generated by renting out their charger.

Previous government research found up to 80 percent of electric vehicle owners charge their cars at home. JustPark’s network of users will help those without a drive or off-street parking make the switch to electric. If just five percent of those with a home charger joined the JustCharge network, it would double the number of public charging locations currently available in the UK.

Paul Willcox, Vauxhall managing director, said: “Vauxhall is committed to making going electric as simple as possible, so we’re delighted to lead the way and partner with JustPark and their new JustCharge Community Charging network.

“We believe it will make a genuine difference to encouraging more British drivers to go electric sooner, with all the environmental, financial and driving experience benefits that come with.”

Matt Shirley, Head of EV Networks at JustPark, said: “Having lived with an electric vehicle without a home charging point, I know first-hand the challenges that solely relying on public chargers can bring.

“We are delighted to be working with Vauxhall to help enable many thousands more drivers to make the switch to an electric vehicle.”

Drivers with a home electric vehicle charging point can make it available for others to use via the JustPark App. Customers nearby can book and pay for the charger, selecting the time they need. Using the JustPark App, they will be able to activate the charger and will be only charged at the end of their charge.

With home chargers estimated to be unused 90 percent of the time, owners can set their own price and availability when renting theirs out. This allows them to earn extra income and improves charging opportunities for others in the area.

Fleet operators can sign up to JustPark’s FleetCharge, where JustPark sources and installs a charging device at the company driver’s property, and supplies the electricity for it, with the fees combined into a single monthly payment.

In the instance where a company driver does not have off-street parking, FleetCharge will source a parking space within a five-minute walking distance and install a charging device that the fleet driver can use throughout.

Through FleetCharge, JustPark is creating a private charging network for fleets to use, enabling trades and businesses to make the switch to electric – and earlier than they might have thought possible.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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