Vauxhall opens orders for the Mokka Electric Long Range

  • Mokka Electric Long Range by Vauxhall features a 54kWh battery, 115kW motor for improved efficiency.
  • Rapid charging in 27 mins, diverse driving modes, and three trim levels starting at £36,610.
  • Vauxhall offers a Plug & Go package for easy electric driving with warranty and roadside assistance.

The much-anticipated Mokka Electric Long Range features an all-new 54kWh battery

The updated Mokka Electric is gaining attention for its all-new features. The model sports a fresh 54kWh battery and a more robust 115kW electric motor. These advancements promise heightened efficiency, extended range, and enhanced performance.

At the core of the Mokka Electric Long Range is a cutting-edge 54kWh lithium-ion battery.

Comprising 102 cells in 17 modules and equipped with a liquid cooling system, this powerhouse boasts an impressive 4.0-4.1 miles per kWh efficiency—a substantial increase of over 20% compared to its predecessor. The result? A substantial range of up to 252 miles, according to WLTP standards.

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Beneath the hood, the electric motor churns out 156 horsepower and 260Nm of torque, offering enhanced performance and quieter and more efficient operation. Drivers can tailor their experience on the road with three driving modes—Eco, Normal, and Sport. Notably, the ‘B’ mode, activated with a button on the gear selector, heightens regenerative braking, contributing to overall range preservation.

A standout feature of the Mokka Electric Long Range is its rapid charging capability.

Supporting 100kW DC rapid charging, this vehicle can recharge from 20% to 80% in a mere 27 minutes. It comes equipped with a three-phase 11kW AC onboard charger. That’ll deliver a 20-80% charge in 3 hours and 10 minutes from an 11kW public charger or 4 hours and 40 minutes from a 7kW home wallbox.

Vauxhall remains committed to offering consumers choice by keeping the existing 136PS powertrain with a 50kWh battery alongside the new Long Range variant, providing a range of up to 209 miles (WLTP). The Mokka Electric’s commendable performance is reflected in its status as the best-selling all-electric B-SUV in the UK for 2023.

The Mokka Electric Long Range is available in three trim levels: Design, GS, and Ultimate, each bringing distinct features to the table, from advanced safety and connectivity in the Design model to sporty design enhancements and luxurious touches in the Ultimate trim.

What about the pricing?

Pricing for the Mokka Electric starts at £36,610, with the Long Range variant available for an additional £1,000 across all trim levels. Vauxhall offers a financing package with a substantial deposit contribution, monthly payments from £399, and a 5.9% APR.

Vauxhall is also introducing the Plug & Go offer, to streamline the transition to EV. This comprehensive package includes access to various charging solutions, the option to choose a wallbox from approved suppliers, and an Octopus Electroverse card providing access to over 500,000 public chargers across the UK and Europe. The Mokka Electric ownership experience is further bolstered by an eight-year/100,000-mile battery warranty and three years of roadside assistance.

The Mokka Electric Long Range marks a significant stride in Vauxhall’s EV portfolio. A portfolio which seems to be strengthening significantly by the day. The model hits the market with an enticing blend of extended range, rapid charging, and diverse trim options. Vauxhall positions itself as a contender with a compelling offering for the evolving demands of the EV market.

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