Vauxhall introduces competitive price cuts for electric van range in latest line-up announcement

  • Vauxhall unveils pricing and specs for its updated electric LCV line-up, featuring the Combo, Vivaro, and Movano vans.
  • The electric models boast competitive ranges and significant price reductions.
  • Orders for the new Vauxhall LCV range are open, with delivery starting from Spring.

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Vauxhall is one of few brands to offer a fully electric variant across its entire LCV line-up, and they have just revealed significant price reductions to their new range.

Vauxhall has revealed the pricing and specifications for its new light commercial vehicle (LCV) range, which includes updated electric versions of the compact Combo, mid-size Vivaro, and large Movano vans. The refreshed lineup introduces a new exterior style and redesigned cockpit, while the fully electric versions maintain competitive driving ranges and significant price reductions.

The New Combo and New Vivaro offer two specification levels – Prime and Pro – from launch, catering to different customer needs. The Prime trim serves as the entry point, while the Pro trim enhances offerings with additional comfort and features. The New Movano simplifies options further, offering only the Prime trim.

Orders for the new Vauxhall LCV range are now open. Delivery dates vary by model and trim, and the first vehicles are set for delivery from Spring.

Vauxhall Combo Electric

The Combo electric van is available in both Prime and Pro trim levels, with options for two lengths and the choice of two or three front seats. Produced at Ellesmere Port, the UK’s first EV-only volume manufacturing plant, the new Combo can travel up to 205 miles on a single charge. It boasts a new 50kWh battery (WLTP combined cycle) – an improvement of 30 miles over its predecessor. 

It features an electric motor developing 136PS and 270Nm of torque, along with a standard 7.4kW on-board charger (optional 11kW charger). This enables a 0-80% recharge in 30 minutes at a 100kW public charging station. It continues to offer up to 4.4 cubic meters of storage space, a 780kg payload, and a 750kg towing capacity.

Prices for the new Combo Electric starts from £26,800 OTR (after Plug-in Van Grant, exc. VAT), representing a saving of £4,750 over the outgoing model.

ModelTrimVersionPrice (exc. VAT)RRP after PiVG* (exc. VAT)
Combo ElectricPrime136PS 50kWh Panel Van£29,300£26,800
136PS 50kWh XL Panel Van£30,250£27,750
136PS 50kWh XL Crew Van£31,850£29,350
Pro136PS 50kWh Panel Van£31,600£29,100
136PS 50kWh XL Panel Van£32,550£30,050

Vauxhall Vivaro Electric

The Vivaro Electric, the UK’s best-selling electric van in 2023, will begin limited production at Vauxhall’s Luton manufacturing plant from Spring 2025. With a range of up to 217 miles (WLTP) and a 75kWh battery, it can be charged using the standard 7.4kW onboard charger (an optional 11kW charger), with a 5-80% charge taking just 45 minutes at a 100kW public charger.

A unique feature of this van is the ‘e-Power Take-off Unit’, which can be used to supply smaller tools or fridge units for cooled vans with power from the traction battery. The electric Vivaro will be available in Prime and Pro trim levels and offers up to 6.6m3 of cargo volume and 1.4 tonnes of payload. 

Prices for the New Vivaro Electric start from £37,805 OTR (after Plug-in Van Grant, exc. VAT), representing a saving of £2,580 over the outgoing 75kWh model.

ModelTrimVersionPrice (exc. VAT)RRP after PiVG (exc. VAT)
Vivaro ElectricPrime136PS 75kWh Panel Van£42,055£37,805
136PS 75kWh XL Panel Van£42,855£38,605
136PS 75kWh Doublecab£44,755£40,505
136PS 75kWh XL Doublecab£44,955£40,705
136PS 75kWh Platform Cab£41,705N/A
Pro136PS 75kWh Panel Van£44,730£40,480
136PS 75kWh XL Panel Van£45,530£41,280
136PS 75kWh Doublecab£47,430£43,180
136PS 75kWh XL Doublecab£47,630£43,380

Vauxhall Movano Electric

The new Movano Electric is exclusively offered in the Prime trim, providing a wide variety of body styles, vehicle lengths, wheelbases, heights, and versions to suit different needs. This large van offers up to 17m3 of cargo volume and a payload of up to two tonnes. 

Featuring an electric motor producing 272PS and 400Nm of torque, coupled with a new 110kWh battery, it enables a range of up to 261 miles on a single charge. It comes standard with a three-phase 11kW onboard charger and the ability to charge at 150kW from a DC rapid charger. This allows it to achieve a 0-80% charge in just 55 minutes. Additionally, it offers an optional 230V socket for convenient charging of electrical devices.

The new Movano Electric (L3H2 Panel Van) is available from £46,135 OTR (after Plug-in Van Grant, exc. VAT), representing a savings of £12,350 compared to the current model.

Later this year, customers will also have the option to choose the Movano HYDROGEN. This is a zero-tailpipe-emissions-in-use vehicle with a range of up to 311 miles and quick refuelling in approximately five minutes.

ModelTrimVersionPrice (exc. VAT)RRP after PiVG (exc. VAT)
Movano ElectricPrime272PS 110kWh L3 H2 Panel Van£50,385£46,135
272PS 110kWh L3 H2 Panel Van£51,195£46,945
272PS 110kWh L3 H3 Panel Van£52,005£47,755
272PS 110kWh L4 H2 Panel Van£52,005£47,755
272PS 110kWh L4 H2 Glazed Panel Van£52,455£48,205
272PS 110kWh L4 H3 Panel Van£52,815£48,565

At ElectricDrives, we are pleased to witness the reduction in pricing for Vauxhall’s electric van range, now placing them in closer competition with their diesel counterparts. This shift presents a compelling opportunity for businesses and consumers to embrace electric mobility.

*RRP after PiVG = Retail price after Plug in Van Grant

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