Vauxhall introduce ‘Electric Streets of Britain’ initiative to address UK EV charging gaps

  • Vauxhall’s “Electric Streets of Britain” tackles 71.6% of councils lacking EV charging strategies.
  • 40% of UK households without driveways face EV charging challenges.
  • Vauxhall to work with renowned charge point operators to drive EV adoption.

Vauxhall launches the “Electric Streets of Britain” initiative to boost electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the UK

Vauxhall saw the need for this initiative after an investigation uncovered a concerning lack of EV charging strategies in the UK. A staggering 71.6% of UK councils lack published plans for on-street EV charging, leaving countless potential EV drivers without convenient charging options.

A pressing issue is the fact that nearly 40% of British households lack driveways. This number rises to over 60% in urban areas. That translates to millions of potential EV owners who face barriers in charging their vehicles.

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In response, Vauxhall has teamed up with key charging operators,, Connected Kerb, and SureCharge, to set up an “Enablement Fund.” This fund aims to help councils understand the urgency of on-street charging challenges and explore feasible solutions.

While London shines as a frontrunner with more on-street charge points than all other UK regions combined, the investigation raises concerns. Only 14,188 new charge points are slated for installation this year. That’s dramatically short of the Government’s target of 300,000 by 2030.

Vauxhall is taking action by introducing a new national database where the public can voice their charging needs. This data will offer councils a clearer picture of actual demand, both from existing and potential EV drivers. The initiative aims to ensure that the lack of a driveway doesn’t deter anyone from embracing electric mobility.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, commented:

“Accessibility to charge points near your home is critical to the transition to electric vehicle ownership in the UK. We want to galvanise the needs and interests of everyone, from the public, to the councils and the charging operators to make sure that anyone without a driveway is part of that journey.

“We want to help educate and inform the decision-makers, and enable the installation of more chargers, more quickly.”

The benefits of on-street charging ripple beyond private EV owners. 4 out of 10 company-owned electric vans are charged at employees’ homes. Widespread availability of on-street charge points would eliminate this problem for employees and support businesses in their electric transition.

Vauxhall has promised electric versions of all their models by 2024, with plans to become a fully electric brand by 2028. The Electric Streets of Britain initiative is a strong step towards achieving these goals, and supporting widespread decarbonisation.

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