VanMoof set to debut cutting-edge electric scooter in 2024

  • VanMoof, which recently faced near bankruptcy, is now revitalised under McLaren Applied’s Lavoie. Their goal: financial recovery and a robust position in the e-mobility sector.
  • It’s new strategy: ensure replacement parts, strengthen sales channels through partnerships, and expand the workforce to address reliability issues in past electric bicycle sales.
  • VanMoof is gearing up to introduce a new electric scooter in 2024, which may feature technology from its parent company, McLaren Applied, renowned for its Series 1 e-scooter.

VanMoof’s resurgence: revitalised strategy and electric scooter debut in 2024

VanMoof, the Dutch e-bike brand known for its innovative bikes and premium tech, hit a rough patch with headlines of a bankruptcy declaration earlier this year. However, in a positive turn, McLaren Applied’s subsidiary, Lavoie, stepped in. Led by Elliot Wertheimer and Nick Fry, the focus now is not just on problem-solving, but on breathing new life into VanMoof, aiming for a solid position in the e-mobility industry. Key to their plan is rebuilding trust with VanMoof’s original customer base. It’s a comeback with a measured and determined tone.

VanMoof is adopting a comprehensive strategy for its revival. Firstly, there’s a focus on ensuring the availability of replacement parts for retailers and repair shops. Simultaneously, they aim to strengthen the brand’s sales channels, contemplating a robust online presence and partnerships with e-bike retailers. Additionally, Lavoie is actively increasing VanMoof’s workforce by hiring almost 100 employees from the original 700, a crucial step to address the reliability concerns surrounding the 200,000 electric bicycles sold before the bankruptcy.

Looking ahead, the iconic design of VanMoof seems set to endure, given the evident demand for minimalist, user-centric aesthetics in the e-mobility sector. Notably, the brand is gearing up for the launch of a new electric scooter in the first half of 2024. This release is anticipated to integrate technology from its parent company, renowned for the impressive Series 1 e-scooter. Exciting developments are on the horizon for VanMoof’s future in the electric mobility landscape.

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In the face of mixed sentiments on electric scooters in Europe, VanMoof’s forthcoming electric scooter promises a refreshing twist. Despite recently imposed restrictions, such as in France, the brand’s commitment to innovative design and advanced technology positions them as a standout player. With a bold launch on the horizon, VanMoof looks to redefine the e-mobility narrative, offering a compelling alternative in a landscape that’s ready for change. 

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