US Postal Service unveils state-of-the-art EV charging stations

  • USPS debuts pioneering EV stations in Atlanta, a preview of hundreds more to come at sorting and delivery centres nationwide this year.
  • With plans for over 66,000 EVs, USPS is set to make sustainable transport a common sight on every road.
  • USPS transforms 400 sites into EV-ready hubs, deploying 14,000 chargers manufactured by Siemens, Rexel / ChargePoint, and Blink, while showcasing the first batch of Ford E-Transit vehicles.

USPS charges ahead with first EV stations, unveiling plans for a 66,000 strong electric fleet

The US Postal Service has just introduced its first EV charging stations in Atlanta, Georgia. This is just the starting line for what’s gearing up to be a massive rollout at hundreds of sorting and delivery centres nationwide throughout the year. The move is also a significant part of the Postal Service’s strategy to gradually transition to one of the country’s largest EV fleets, comprising more than 66,000 delivery vehicles.

John Podesta, senior advisor to the president for clean energy innovation and implementation, said;

“The work USPS is doing to electrify those vehicles is making EVs commonplace on every road and street in our country.”

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USPS is on the fast track to modernising with plans to transform approximately 400 sites into cutting-edge sorting and delivery centres, set to act as strategic hubs for deploying EVs along local carrier routes. These revamped centres are stepping up their game, covering larger geographic areas compared to the traditional postal offices they’re replacing. 

What’s more, the Postal Service is teaming up with not one, not two, but three major players in the game. Siemens, Rexel/ChargePoint, and Blink are all on board to manufacture the Postal Service’s first batch of 14,000 EV chargers.

USPS showcased its first set of Ford E-Transit battery-electric vehicles this week. Following a deal for 9,250 units from Ford last year, they’re further expanding the green initiative with plans to acquire another 11,750 commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) vehicles from different manufacturers. 

Looking ahead, USPS is setting the wheels in motion for a massive green shift. By 2028, they’re gearing up to roll out an additional 45,000 battery-electric “Next Generation Delivery Vehicles” (NGDVs), manufactured by Oshkosh. This electrifying move is part of a grand plan that culminates in an impressive 66,000-strong EV fleet. 

The USPS faces a critical challenge with its ageing fleet of 217,000 vehicles, some over three decades old. The much-needed transition to 100-percent electrification, as part of a $40 billion strategy, not only promises efficiency but also underscores the USPS’s commitment to embracing a sustainable and innovative future in the fast-changing landscape of transportation.

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