Upgraded Tesla Model 3 will arrive in the UK this month

  • Upgraded Tesla Model 3 debuts this month in the UK with sleek design and extended range.
  • Prices start at £39,990 for Rear Wheel Drive and £49,990 for Long-Range Drive.
  • Awarded ‘Outstanding EV,’ positive reviews highlight safety and affordability.

The eagerly awaited upgraded Tesla Model 3 will be delivered on the 27th January 2024 in the UK

Tesla’s eagerly awaited upgraded Model 3 is hitting the roads in the UK and Ireland this month. Deliveries and test drives will begin on January 27, 2024. This latest version of the benchmark EV from Tesla brings several enhancements and improvements over its 2019 predecessor. Announced mid-last year, the new Model 3 should shake the EV world. But, will it be enough to put Tesla back on top? Let’s see what we can expect from the upgraded Model 3…

Exterior and interior upgrades:

The exterior design has been revamped with sharper body lines, reducing drag, improving wind noise, and increasing overall range. Sleeker headlights and two new colors, Ultra Red and Stealth Grey, give the Model 3 a fresh look. Inside, the cabin is quieter, thanks to 360 acoustic glass. Rear passengers now enjoy an 8” display for climate control and entertainment, complementing the more user-friendly 15.4” center display.

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Extended range and fast charging:

The Model 3’s range has been significantly improved, with the Rear Wheel Drive covering 344 miles on a single charge, while the Long-Range All Wheel Drive can go up to 391 miles. Charging speeds of 250kWh enable a range of 175 miles in just 15 minutes. Notably, the charging infrastructure boasts an impressive 99.5% uptime, surpassing other UK electric charge point operators.

Safety features and recognition:

The upgraded Model 3 focuses on cutting-edge safety features for side-impact protection, further solidifying its reputation as the world’s safest platform architecture. The vehicle has already received the ‘Outstanding EV Award’ at Carwow’s ‘Car of the Year’ Awards 2024, emphasizing its industry recognition.

Pricing and availability:

For those eyeing the Rear Wheel Drive, prices start at £39,990 or €42,990, while the Long-Range Drive begins at £49,990 or €50,990. The affordability combined with the vehicle’s features makes it an enticing option for electric car enthusiasts.

Reviews and testimonials:

Early reviews across the UK highlight the Model 3’s improvements. Auto Express notes, “Improved in several key areas,” while Car Magazine praises the combination of the Tesla Supercharger network, impressive battery range, and stylish interior. Carwow calls it the “Outstanding EV,” and Green Car Guide emphasizes the improved ride quality and insulation from road noise.

Tesla’s upgraded Model 3 brings a host of improvements, making it a compelling option in the EV market. With enhanced design, extended range, and positive reviews. Will it be enough to reclaim Tesla’s crown at the top of the EV pecking order? We’re eagerly awaiting its release this month to find out. 

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