Unleashing the power of shared EVs with Battery Intelligence

  • WAE Technologies introduces Elysia: A Battery Intelligence software for shared EV fleets.
  • Shared EVs dramatically reduce emissions, but face battery degradation challenges.
  • Elysia optimizes battery performance and fleet management.

Meet Elysia, WAE Technologies’ solution to the challenge of shared EVs

Elysia is an innovative Battery Intelligence software by WAE Technologies. Elysia provides actionable insights and understanding of battery performance. This data means that fleet operators can optimize shared EV (electric vehicle) fleets. 

Shared EVs offer a promising solution to reduce carbon footprint and create cleaner cities. By increasing the usage of each vehicle and replacing private cars, shared EVs can slash emissions by over 40% by 2050. 

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However, widespread adoption in mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) and commercial fleets presents challenges, particularly battery degradation. To maximize value and minimize costs, optimized battery management strategies are essential. 

Elysia opens battery knowledge and optimization through embedded and cloud-based products. It extends battery service life, implements optimal charging strategies and protects residual value. It even offers smart financing models for shared fleet management. 

The Elysia team will showcase how their Battery Intelligence software supports better business outcomes for MaaS and fleet organizations at MOVE 2023 in London’s ExCeL.

“With increased utilisation of an electric shared vehicle, it becomes imperative to have a full understanding of battery health and lifetime across the fleet. 

Elysia enables just that, and its actionable insights can then be used to improve battery lifetime or understand the potential trades and opportunities when considering both operational efficiency and battery degradation together.”

Joe Jones, Commercial Lead at Elysia

Elysia’s Battery Intelligence technologies draw on WAE’s expertise in high-performance batteries. This is gained from supplying electric motorsport series, hypercars, and mining trucks.

“a shared EV can replace ten private cars, drastically reducing embedded emissions from vehicle manufacturing, while at the same time improving local air quality.”

Joe Jones, Commercial Lead at Elysia

With Elysia’s Battery Intelligence, MaaS providers unleash the true potential of shared EVs. For now, time will tell as to whether this innovative software has unlocked the idea of shared EVs for businesses.

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